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honchoandbingo 21 Dec 2006 03:19

workouts on the road
wife and i being doing the following to try and maintain some level of fitness on the road. takes about 20 minutes, and can be done just about anywhere

20 jumping jacks
10 push ups
10 crunches
20 jj
10 wide push ups
10 left right crunches
20 jj
10 tricep push ups
10 leg lifts

do five sets. at some point i end up on my knees doing the pushups...

next day
lower body
20 jj
20 squats
10 crunches
20 jj
20 lunges
10 left right crunches
20 jj
20 toe raises
10 leg lifts.

again, five sets..

i've come to the conclusion that the only reason i have for not working out on the road is the same one i had at home....just plain laziness...

Joe C90 21 Dec 2006 13:46

there are more enjoyable forms of exercise that i'm sure she would prefer:thumbup1:

htdb33 21 Dec 2006 17:07

I think I will stick to 12 oz curls.

Yankee Dog

Surfer 22 Dec 2006 09:59

Or get stuck in mud more often and push the vehicle out:)

oldbmw 22 Dec 2006 20:34

Why not lighten your bike and change out the starter for a kickstart ?

Dodger 23 Dec 2006 04:40

My exercise regime [after riding]
Fill pint tankard with ale ,raise to lips with right hand and arm in one smooth movement ,when tankard is empty then repeat with left arm and so on .
It is essential to exercise both arms equally ,after 3 or 4 tankards the legs will need exercicising too and a short walk will usually suffice .
After about 6 pints spontaneous bursts of singing will give the facial muscles and larynx a good work out .

But don't overdo it ,or you may become quite light headed .

honchoandbingo 23 Dec 2006 23:35

that's the point
:innocent: guys, guys, guys....

that's the whole point of doing the workouts. after a long day of getting, dragging the bike through god knows what, we drown our sorrows in a few pints and still have enough energy left for noctornal activities...

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