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Enduroreisende 8 Jan 2007 09:41

Who need "Malarone"?
Hi Travellers!

From our just finished half-the-world-trip we brought back our safety package MALARONE!
We didn't need it, luckily!:thumbup1:

It is a complet undamaged package from 24 tablets. This is exactly the recommended dose for one ill person.
Or for two person if you plan to take the pills as a prophylactic (I'm sure it isn't right written...., sorry!):oops2:

How ever. It is good for use up to Novembre 2009. It comes with an manual.

We paid here in germany 90 Euro. So we would sell it now for 50 US-$.

Save travels
Tanja and Christian

Have a look: www.enduroreisende.de

Enduroreisende 7 Dec 2007 11:37

Hi Guys,

I just want to refresh my offer.:innocent:

There is still a one-person-dose waiting for a traveller. :scooter:

In my first offer I made a mistake: (Not 24 pills is a one-person-dose, it is 12! The 24 pills we have had with us, was for us both.)

30 $ will do. The package and shipping is included.

Hopefully you never have to use them.

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