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beddhist 22 Mar 2005 03:53

Universal Travel Insurance
I just stumbled across this one: http://www.hostelworld.com/insurancedetails.php

They include "dangerous activities" and do NOT exclude bikes (not even mentioned in their policy).

All nationalities and destinations covered, no time limit. There ARE limits on the payouts, though.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


bedfordblue 1 Apr 2005 20:00

Just rang them up. Unbelievably their cover only extends to 125cc bikes - and no larger!!! Mate, have you got any tips on where to find health insurance for me and my 250cc bike travelling to Iran???


davidmc 2 Apr 2005 02:48

Try these folks: http://www.mnui.com/

I have used them before and to my knowledge, there are not motorcycle exclusions.

Its an American company, but I think they will cover citizens from all countries. I plan on using these folks for the next year.


beddhist 5 Apr 2005 01:55

Interesting! The policy doen't mention vehicles at all, so I don't see how the person you had on the phone can make that claim about the cc limit. I guess one could ask them to say where in the policy this is written... Then again, if they don't want a customer...

The US insurance mentioned has too many exclusions for my liking.

I'll go and check out these:


The most promising I've found so far is www.worldnomads.com.au . They SAY that they cover biking.

Another trap to watch out for on a long trip is that some co's won't let you renew the policy beyond a certain length.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


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richardb 5 Apr 2005 04:13

I used www.statravel.co.uk , they have a policy that includes 'dangerous' activities, and 'motorcycle touring' is covered, with no mention of the engine size limit I found elsewhere, mind you I never had to make a claim.


beddhist 5 Apr 2005 04:54

Yes, but not in their backpack policy. The standard policy covers bikes up to 125cc only. You need the premium policy for bigger bikes and min. age is 23.

The first thing I always do from now on when evaluating a policy is search for "moto". That way you can quickly find and eliminate all the policies that exclude or severely restrict biking.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


ozhanu 5 Apr 2005 07:10

Sorry for that basic question, but, I am quite new on two wheels. Is sort of insurance a MUST or is it arbitrary?

ozhan u.

please ride safely
ozhan u.

Chris of Japan 5 Apr 2005 10:51


Originally posted by ozhanu:
Is sort of insurance a MUST or is it arbitrary?

Well, if you never are sick or injured, it becomes unnecessary. But you never know when you will get run over or get malaria.
A few hundred dollars of insurance saved me a few thousand dollars in medical bills after an accident. Some insurace companies will even introduce you to a hospital in the country where you are that has modern facilities, english (or other) language speaking staff, etc.

So, it is arbitrary in terms of nobody is forcing it on you. But a must if you stand the chance of ever being sick or injured...

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seanh 6 Apr 2005 04:04

Check out world nomads at www.worldnomads.com cheapest i've found as it is internet insurance but also covers motorcycle riding.

davidmc 9 Apr 2005 23:52

Peter, if you don't mind me asking, what did you not like about the US insurance policy? It looked pretty comprehensive to me and I had rang the company to see if any motorcycling was excluded and they said no...


joebanana 10 Jul 2005 15:53

I also called www.worldnomads.com (based in Australia). It seems like a small operation (Allianz is the actual insurer), but I asked repeatedly about large motorcycle coverage and the response was it is covered in full. This operation has a 'common sense' philosophy regarding coverage (see examples).
Also, their prices are excellent. One trick: sign up for one year only and renew at that point (price will be lower than signing up for longer periods).
This said, I know of nobody that has filed a claim with them.


joebanana 11 Jul 2005 05:09

Here was a response I obtained from worldnomads.com. They 'appear' pretty solid, and point 2 below indicates you just need to make sure you carry your regular license + International (UN ) Drivers Permit:

1. There is no set limit/breakdown of the medical expenses benefit. Any
given treatment is covered up to a maximum of AUD$5 million. As per the
policy wording for medical evacuation, we will pay for travel expenses
for your return home or evacuation only if the attending physician
advises us in writing that as a result of Sudden Illness or Serious Injury
you are unfit to continue the Trip.

2. Having looked at the site that you provided the link for, if all
that is needed for you to legally ride a motorcycle in those countries is
your current US licence and accompanying IDP, then yes, we will cover

Chris Smith 22 Aug 2005 09:59

Try Navigator Insurance based in Manchester, UK. We´ve been using them for 2 years and they´re very good. We had a claim about a year ago to the cost of 3000 pounds UK and had no problems whatsoever. Highly recomended. They cover motorcycle travel too - unlimited cc. There´s even Search and bloody Rescure! Do a search on Google as I don´t have the wwww to hand.


Roman 22 Aug 2005 18:49

What about travel to e.g. Mali? The FCO advises against ALL travel - the usual OTT knee-jerk reaction, but insurance companies don't care if it makes sense or not.

Do you know of any company that will offer combined cover for medical + vehicle (including repatriation) for N Africa/Sahel?

Roman (UK)

beddhist 25 Aug 2005 20:15

Worldnomads don't seem to care about this FCO nonsense.

Forget about insuring your bike. I don't know of any insurance that will cover such a risk.

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