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Scavenger07 10 Mar 2008 23:16

Travel / medical Ins. for crusties! any ideas?
Sad to say I passed my half cetury, physically at least, a while back. down side is the insurance companies appear to consider me a greater risk to cover. (I have no medical issue's that I know of)

Can anyone shed light on my dilema please. I need cover for a world trip of Europe, Asia, Oz and the America's with repatriation, yes and it is on a bike over 125cc.

Ho Hum and away we go.................:scooter:Thank's

maja 11 Mar 2008 12:49

Wrinklies of the world unite
Hi Scavenger07, I am in the same boat, big age, big bike and having problems finding medical cover for long range bike touring. If you find a company that does not regard us senior citizens as a bigger risk now than when we were young tearaways please let me know. A bit of empirical knowledge that insurance companies should take on board apropo oldies, for us, if you bend bits it hurts more and you limp longer and as time is getting more and more valuable you are more careful how you go about things. (alegedly) Ride safe, Mike.

henryuk 11 Mar 2008 12:54

age not relevant
I am 26 and have trouble getting insured for overlanding on a 750. World Nomads used to be the only people I could get cover from, and I don't think they do it anymore, you just have to go without!

lorraine 12 Mar 2008 23:54

I'll be 48 in a few weeks, and haven't had medical insurance for seven years now. Have never been healthier. When I was married and we had coverage I was in and out of the doctors constantly. Nothing serious... Then my former husband quit teaching, we had no insurance, and voila, healthy. Now I've been on the road for a few years, I don't even have a column in my accounting file of medical expenses. Added to this, if something were to go wrong, doctors are much cheaper outside the US/UK. That's if you even bother going to the doctor. Most locals go straight to the pharmacy where you have helpful advice, and cheap pills.
However, this approach only works if you're comfortable with it! No use traveling around fearful something's going to go wrong!!! Because then, probably something will.

beddhist 13 Mar 2008 07:05

Good for you, Lorraine. However, I regard insurance as something to protect me in case something serious happens. I want to know that they will put me into a decent hospital and if there are complications that can't be treated on the spot I will be evacuated.

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