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Sojourner 10 Oct 2002 10:23

Travel Insurance for Canadian residents
I'm researching long term travel insurance
for Canadian residents and found this policy,
which does cover motorcycle riding if you hold a Canadian driver's license.
You also need to be covered by a Canadian health insurance plan when you subscribe to the policy. They have two plans: One with baggage coverage and one without. Plus they have the option of including the US or not in the coverage. The maximum emergency medical coverage is $1,000,000 (CAD). The premiums start at $25/month (excluding USA) up to $632 for 12 months, incuding coverage in the US.
The maximum period of coverage is 12 months.
This policy is for people under 50 years of age covered by a Canadian government health insurance.

The policy is offered by Travel CUTS in Canada. See their website http://www.travelcuts.com for more information.

Susan Johnson 10 Oct 2002 13:07

Hi Sojourner

Thanks for the info.

My only caveat, having been a 'perptual traveller' type for several years, is to just be sure to keep a mailing address in a province, so you don't get any problems with residency.

Canadian 'snowbirds' who go down to Floria for the winter have to ensure they're not out of the province more than 6 months, otherwise provincial health insurance will lapse (and so would the policy you mention, I'll bet). Check the fine print, and let me know if I'm wrong.


Susan Johnson

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Sojourner 11 Oct 2002 01:04

Yes, the policy states that your government health insurance must be in effect during the entire trip duration, i.e. up to a year, which is the maximum extent of the policy. Here in Ontario this shouldn't be a problem anymore, as the provincial government raised the maximum duration for coverage to 2 years, subject to special conditions (what it means, is that they evaluate each individual case and then grant the 2 year extension, if it is warranted).

Toronto, Canada

Susan Johnson 15 Oct 2002 11:09

Well, that's good to know. I wonder what BC's rules are on this?


Danette 1 Nov 2002 05:23

I've just been on the province of bc website under the ministry of health. It says that you are allowed to be out of the province for a period of 1 year however you have to maintain a "home" here and you also have to get permission from MSP to authorize this. I'll be doing a little more investigation on this as I am going to be going away for a year but coming back to British Columbia. I'll post whatever new info I find out...

StephenRivett 24 Jan 2004 00:03

The TravelCuts insurance is still available. 3 months with baggage and US travel goes for 223CDN and 187CDN without baggage. Something to note is that if something BIG happens and there are a group of travellers with the same insurance underwriter this insurance tops out at 500,000CDN. So, if a plane goes down with 300 people on it the coverage is limited. I wonder if life insurance to cover a mortgage works the same way?


Mr. Ron 24 Jan 2004 09:51

Hello. Just wondering, has anyone tried BCAA, or any AA service for that matter, for travell insurance outside N.America?

Moflow 28 Jan 2004 19:48

I am just about to head out for a few months travel through USA, Baja, Mexico and Central America. I will be purchasing insurance through CAA Quebec, which is underwritten by Blue Cross. It is comprehensive coverage with hospital and medical up to 5,000,000 and includes emergency flight return. The cost is $447.95 CDN for 180 days. In Quebec you can only stay out of the provence for 180 days without permision from the Quebec health insurance board.
Hasta luego.

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