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neils 14 Mar 2007 08:49

Savety Outback

i am thinking about biking some less trafficed outback tracks alone (northern territory Australia). somebody any experience with UHF radios or epirb emergency systems?? any other alternatives in an emergency case?

I acutally didnt want to take any of these things but now some people made me afraid... :oops2:

thanks nils

loxsmith 14 Mar 2007 12:29

Nils which Northern Terriotary roads do you have in mind???

UHF radio is very short range, depending on the terrain up to 5 or 10km safe with hand held units even shorter and will either get you in contact with 4WD travellers or local cattle station out workers

An EPIRB is used for emergency situations only as a last resort and will get you help ASAP. In the outback that can take a while as there are huge distances to cover, but they will investigate.

A HF radio has national coverage and is suitable for the 4WD traveller but is out of the question for the motorcycle traveller due to it's physical size

The other option to consider is a Sat Phone that supposedly has national coverage. These can be hired locally depending on your starting point.

Depending on how remote the roads are you intend to travel, it would be very unusual not to see another vehicle within a 24 hour period

In winter you will see a lot more people travelling than in summer when temps are very uncomfortable

Go to 4WDing, Camping & Caravanning around Australia @ ExplorOz for remote road condition info

Fuel range is normally more of a problem than communications

I have had a few drinks, so I hope this makes sense, Glen

AussieMasada 15 Mar 2007 07:14

I lived up there for most of my life and have driven fro one end to the other with the military. Let me know were you intend on travelling toeg: towns and roads or sites you wish to see.


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