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NewMexEd 10 Sep 2002 06:09

MedJet Fine Print
A lot of folks on this site have been talking about getting MedJet Insurance for Medivacs, highlighting that it is just $175 for a year. However, reading the fine print on the site, indicates otherwise:

"A member traveling or living outside the United States or Canada for an uninterrupted period in excess of 90 days is not eligible for membership benefits under the standard plan. Extended Stay (Expatriate) packages are available upon request."

A full 12 month plan is about $575. Not such a bargain when other full coverage insurance plans are $700 and INLCUDE actual medical coverage, not just medivac service.


Susan Johnson 10 Sep 2002 12:40

Hi NewMexEd

Thanks for reading the fine print ;-) For many people, and for the individual who initially mentioned it, 90 days was sufficient for coverage, but for the longer term travellers, that wouldn't be enough time.

In the same vein of reading the fine print, some insurance companies exclude motorcycling of any kind, some restrict the size of motorcycle.

Have you used any insurance companies with longer term policies that you can recommend to us?

Susan Johnson

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