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chickcharnie 3 Nov 2008 16:29

Malaria prophylaxis
Technical question..... but someone out there might know

Does Malarone or Mefloquine have a shelf life??

If so - what is it



Zarcero 4 Nov 2008 01:58

I don't have the answer to that and it actually might not be of concern since typically Malarone is only dispensed for the number of days you are in the host nation, plus the pre/post days. Generally I take it two days prior to my arrival, everyday while in the host nation, and then for seven days after my departure. This exhausts the supply that I am issued. The doctors here in the US that I have used only prescribe it based on the count of days. The pills are fairly expensive.

Malarone will also give a false positive for THC (marijuana) so if you are to be blood tested, ensure that you notify whoever that you are on Malarone.

In addition to the Malarone, I wear long sleeved clothing and full length trousers. I also spray these with repellent and also use repellent on my exposed skin. I have had Malaria once already in Central America. It is a milder form there. However, where I work now the malaria strain known as plasmodium falciparum swells the brain as opposed to the liver and is very lethal. You do not want to take any chances with this, so wear protection and take your Malarone.

If you are flying to the host nation, please be advised that you are most vulnerable at airports like Luanda and Lagos. Mosquitoes abound.



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