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baffled 30 Nov 2009 17:29

Malaria in thailand
Hi , I am visiting Northern Thailand this january, does anyone know wether hotels lodgings etc will have mosquito nets or should I take my own.

Sirakor 1 Dec 2009 04:07

Some do, some don't. Most places will have some kind of mosquito barrier, if you are lucky then it's a net, otherwise the windows may have mosquito nets (often with holes, but easily fixed with tape). In that case it's usually the doorframe thats not mozzie-proof (temporarily fixed with plenty of DEET spray), or the bathroom windows if you have an en-suite. It also depends a lot on what kind of budget you are looking at for your accomodation. Also, I suppose it depends where in Northern Thailand you are heading, Chiang Mai e.g. is no problem, whereas a home stay near the Burmese border would have a higher risk (bring a net if you plan self-organized trekking, on trekking tours I can't comment). You can buy cheap and good mosquito nets in the local markets in Chiang Mai though. Make sure it's a box kind and to take enough string to put it up properly.

baffled 2 Dec 2009 10:13

Hi Sirakor
Thanks for the advice. I am planning to head towards the border so I`ll look for a net in Chiag Mai.
many thanks

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