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Hindu1936 11 Apr 2007 15:26

How do you carry your water?
There doesn't seem to be much said about the way riders in Africa, South America and other dry places carry extra water. We are looking at the 100 oz. Camel back packs. That gives us nearly two gallons for places like the ride down through Morocco and up Mozambique, Tanzania. We are carrying a good water purifier and can use it where there is water, but still want to carry enough for at least half a day under even trying conditions. Anyone else use the Camel Back or other hydration packs?

AliBaba 11 Apr 2007 16:29

In dry areas I usually carry:
-2 liter camelback inside my jacket
-a couple of waterbottles stored between seat and luggage
-3 liter camelback somewhere on the bike
-5 liter container in one of the alu-boxes.

I also carry some water purifying pills for emergency.

beddhist 11 Apr 2007 17:29

I use another brand, Platypus, 1.8l. Wouldn't want to carry much more weight on my back. I like the fact that the bag zips open for cleaning, although I haven't cleaned it yet. :eek: I normally have two half litre water botles in my tank bag and on long desert rides (road) or when I anticipate camping I fill a 3l old OJ bottle strapped to my pannier lid. However, my desert riding is not as ambitious as crossing the Sahara, mainly roads and pistes in Arabia, Iran and soon Baluchistan.

Vaufi 11 Apr 2007 21:00

Me, I've got a 2L Camelbak plus a 2L and a 10L Ortlieb water bag. The advantage of these waterbags is that they need very little space when empty and can be hung up when in use when at camp.

In Oz I met a guy with a 650GS Dakar - he had removed the right muffler and fitted a watertank of the same size. For what reason does a single need two mufflers anyway ;-) Additionally he had fittet two tubes on the frame behind the front wheel - one for tools and the bottom, bigger tube as water tank. I thought that was rather cute.


oldbmw 11 Apr 2007 21:59

I haven't had the need for water in difficult circumstances as you describe. BUT a trick I learned in Scicily was to freeze water in a plastic ! ltre or therabouts bottle. As it melts it provides cool water to drink. So maybe a few of those stashed in your luggage for the difficult bits ?

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