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jim 23 Sep 2003 16:48

Homeopathic Anti Malarials
Hello again,
I am looking for information from anyone who has dared to try Homeopathic Anti Malarials. I am told by my pharmacist and many South African hippies that theyre "like totally safe man...", but I have my reservations. Larium does not agree with me and Im apposed to taking Doxycycline as its apparently a very strong antibiotic (+ the whole sun issue).
Also, Ive had Malaria before (while taking Paludrine & Daramil when they were still considered safe), so far no relapses. Should this fact influence my decisions about further medication?

PS This is the second posting of this or at least a similar message, cyber gremlins got hold of the last...my apologies to those who replied, i dont know who you are, but thanks.

beddhist 24 Oct 2003 15:00


I'm sure they're very safe, man, for you as well as the malaria bugs!

It's too serious a disease for me to try unproven things.

If you do, make sure there is clinical research done on whatever product you choose to ensure it is effective.

Talk to a medical institute specialising in tropical diseases, they should be able to give you good advice.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,

Jenny & Peter.

MJC 20 Aug 2004 20:23


this is probably a bit late but for those future people that may read....

i got malaria while on prophylatics in malawi in 1989, it was a horrible case and due to further complications i was in hospital for 3 months in and out of 2 comas... I left in nov 2003 trans africa on my bike and am now in namibia, i chose not to take anything but did use homeopathic prophylatics, like everyone says they are not proven and although i continued taking them throughout my trip and am still on them I got malaria twice, ghana and cameroon. In my opinion and it is only my opinion i will never take prophylactics again. Carry artesunate, and know that you are vulnerable to the disease at any time, know yourself, catching it quickly is the sure sign to quick recovery, propylactics mask the symptoms and are also not 100%. I treated myself only going into hospital to confirm it was malaria. It will knock you out for a couple of days but that is to be expected.

But it comes down to personal choice if you dont want to take the prophylactics then i think mine is a good solution but you need to make up your own mind.

Enjoy your travels and have a blast

Robbert 20 Aug 2004 22:18

Lot's of debates... .

I took Lariam for 7 months, and had minor side effects during the first month and something. Then they went.

I've seen people taking Lariam getting Malaria, just as people who don't. The best prevention still is not being bitten (repellent, mozi nets, ...), and if you're traveling anywhere remotely, carry a treatment.

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