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strsout 13 Oct 2007 06:14

Healty Insurance for Mexico
I've been browsing this forum for Healty Insurance but could not find a good name who is insuring US riders going to Mexico.
I tought that would be something easy to find, and maybe I'm overlooking it, but most insurance info here are from UK. Is that right? you will get insurance from a England company?
I would like to find a short term insurance to ride motorcycle in Mexico. Who provides that?
Thank you

Sjoerd Bakker 13 Oct 2007 16:44

health insurance
Hi once again. I see I got you worried about this new facet the other day so here's one solution.
Are you now a member of the AAA ? ( CAA in Canada) If not take out an annual membership and then buy their annual out of country health insurance policy . This will cover you at reasonable cost for medical when you travel in Mexico. For one policy you can take any number of trips per year if is each no longer than 30 days. If you plan a trip that is longer than 30 days you must buy a bit of "top up " insurance for the extra days.
I used to buy out of country health insurance for each individual trip , a hassel. Then I found out that CAA/AAA has this deal for members and it is just great. I have used it the last ten years for many trips to Mexico and to Europe and Morocco and it works as promised. There are a few rules and restrictions, as with anything, but if you can , I say get it. The beauty of it is that once you have it yo do not have to worry about this insurance for every short hop across the border.
Also members can get all the roadmaps for their travels for nothing. They have a free -to - members guide book for Mexico which lists a lot of overpriced hotels.So pick up the new fold out map of Mexico.
And if you ever lock the keys in your car , run it out of gas or kill the battery you can get that looked after for free by their roadside assistance. Just don't try to get that roadside assistance when on the motorcycle, not done .

strsout 13 Oct 2007 20:18

Sjoerd you are being a deep well of information!!! :)

I do have AAA but I never realized they have this service.
I will check ti Monday morning :)
Thank you

strsout 15 Oct 2007 22:20

AAA California end up that they only give you a medical insurance if you buy the trip with them.... :(
So, back to square one and I'm looking for a short term medical insurance and most important Medical Rescue Back Home service.
If you know who sell it here in US, please post :)

JimD 16 Oct 2007 00:31

This may be what you are looking for, medical rescue wise.

MedjetAssist membership program — stay protected while traveling away from home with the global air medical evacuation, transportation and emergency assistance services of MedjetAssist.

strsout 16 Oct 2007 01:58

That looks great. The price is about right ($350/year/family).
I will check few other issues with then tomorrow morning but seams fine.

Thank you :)

Sjoerd Bakker 16 Oct 2007 12:53

Health insurance
That is a pity ,and strange .Are you sure you understood them correctly ? Around here CAA will sell out of country health insurance to any one for driving trips with own vehicle, not just stuff sold through their travel bureau. . This is the only reason why I joined CAA, having the membership and then the annual out of country medical insurance works out more economical than repeatedly buying for each trip.
Also if you are going to certain countries with good social security health systems medical treatment may be absolutely free even if you are a tourist (e.g. Spain) the only thing you pay for are any prescription medicines. I do not know if Mexico's IMSS falls into this category. Anyone??

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