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mertens_k 2 Jun 2004 14:46

Health guide: recommended books?
Hi everybody,

we're leaving for an African overland trip in a couple of months and would like to take some health guide with us. Can anyone recommend a good book for people who are not really medical trained?


fireboomer 13 Jul 2004 17:31

A really really good thing have with you is:

Wilderness Medical Associates Field Guide
(spiral bound)
it is a great pocket guide with step by step problem finding & solving procedure's.

And also:
The Outward Bound Wilderness First Handbook.
by Jeffrey Isaac
ISBN: 1-55821-682-0
The Lyons Press, New York.

They are not really in depth books. But they will help you to judge how serious a problem is and what you can do. Even without having followed training.

But off course... the best thing to do is to go follow a training. Several organisations do this specifically focused on back country situations.

nobby 14 Jul 2004 05:01

a good read is bugs bites and bowels
dr jane wilson isbn 1 86011 045 2
a full on book is where there is no doctor by D werner
try going thru the amazon link then this website get some money to carry on

cheers nobby

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