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che 13 Sep 2001 02:25

I bought a '99 BMW f650. The bike is in mint conditions. I covered the BMW symbols hoping to be more discreet while I travel from Miami to Argentina but I don't think it will be possible to pass unnoticed. Has anyone gotten their bike stolen before? Is is safer to go with a cheaper motorcycle? Any tips or suggestions?
Thank you,


dagjen 13 Sep 2001 11:42

Don't worry too much about theft, but be sure to get the bike out of the street over night, wherever possible.

Normally, I would say for Latin America that the more flashy and uncommon your bike is, the less likelly it is that someone will steal it. What would they do with it? It's not a easily sold item.

People travel down that route on BMW 1150GS, 1100GS, F650, Transalps, Africa Twins, now Tigers and many other elefant size bikes.

Just take some extra care in big cities, like everywhere else.

good luck


John Ferris 13 Oct 2001 22:27

Mud, some mud on some of the shiny parts of the bike will make it unattractive.
Caution, mud on exhaust will bake on and not come off.

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