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molly 25 Aug 2010 02:16

First Aid Recommendations - classes (usa) and kit
i just gave a talk on first aid for motorcycle travel at the HU travellers meeting in California. as per request i am putting up some links for recommended classes and kit. enjoy!

the best class you can take in the usa is the Wilderness First Responder

if you are short on time and funds you can take Wilderness First Aid

some of my favorite kit:
QuikClot saves lives by rapidly stopping severe bleeding. For Home, Sports, Travel, & Pets

better than bandaids (plasters):
NOLS :: Wilderness Medicine :: WMI Wound Pack

for bug bites and rashes - it can usually be found in single use packets:
PRAMOXINE/HYDROCORTISONE - CREAM, OINTMENT (Enzone, Pramosone) side effects, medical uses, and drug interactions.

ok, i'll add some more soon...

molly 5 Jun 2013 06:27

i made a list on amazon. feel free to shop for said items anywhere:
Amazon.com: Wilderness First Aid Kit

a cool video on one person helmet removal:
Helmet removal by one person - First Aid for motorcyclists - YouTube

further reading:
Motorcycle Riding Emergency Preparedness Tips - First Aid - Motorcyclist Magazine

first aid for motorcyclists video

Selous 26 Dec 2013 23:15

There is was a free first aid book on line to give out as pdf. Bit late if you reading it during the accedent.
Re equipent im on phone will look at list later, as I am paramedic my list would probabley be more intensive than yours however have to decide what is really needed and what is not.
I do carry my own serynges and cannulas in case any blood or injections are needed I know they are sterile.

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VWVagabonds 25 Mar 2014 04:13

The NOLS Wilderness First Aid course is excellent. I am now in the process of getting EMT certified after a non-motorcycle mishap in India.

Everyone should be carrying a PDF of the free books:

Where There is No Doctor

Where There is No Dentist

Books and Resources | Hesperian Health Guides

Cleland 29 Sep 2014 21:49

the PADI (diving organization) does a good first aid course, with an exam; called MEDIC FIRST AID It is a general course not only for divers, and is available in many languages.
The courses are done at the dive shops and there are loads of shops around the world, just look up PADI. Specially useful if you are a parent.
Personally I learnt more and faster than in any previous courses run by "medical people"

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