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cabron 1 Oct 2002 18:26

fanzidar - malaria medication - in egypt

i am looking for somewhere where i can get some fanzidar (a cure for malaria) in egypt, as we need to have some on hand before we enter sudan. does anyone know where this is available and what the deal is? in europe we needed doctor's prescriptions wherever we went, hopefully africa is not so strtingent...


A.B. 2 Oct 2002 06:52


Your best bet is the Vaccine Institute (roughly translated) in Mohandessin. It's a 5 minutes bike ride from my place. It's on El-Batal Ahmad Abd El_Aziz street. Don't remember the number.


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Geoff van de Merwe 2 Oct 2002 19:10

If you don't come right with that,
you can get a malaria test and treatment kit from the mediclinics in SOuth Africa.

It is not very big, probably weighs only a few hundred grams, so if you have friends or relatives in SA, you could probably get one couriered to you quite cheaply.

The kit cost me R350 when I brought one last

If you need more details, let me know and I'll dig up a phone number for you.


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