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Richiewizz 8 Sep 2011 22:32

Cost of staying healthy...
I'm preparing for a trip down the Atlantic route to West Africa.Today, I began the innoculation regime at my local health centre(uk) Yellow Fever,Rabies,Hep A and B....Meningitis....Cost? A scary £272 ....then there'll be about £200 worth of Malarone( even bought online cheaply) OK so some will say ...over the top....others might say half that price where I live....but I just wanted to flag up the possible cost you need to factor into the budget for a trip into areas where innoculations and medication are required.....caught me out a bit.

Smokin 8 Sep 2011 23:50

Just out of interest, if you stopped working, how much would you pay? I'm assuming the £272 is for workers.

markharf 9 Sep 2011 16:58

OP, you're doing great: the same treatments would cost me more than twice as much....and malarone is expensive no matter where you buy it. Try to bear in mind that while staying healthy can be expensive, failing to stay healthy can cost far, far more.



Richiewizz 9 Sep 2011 20:57

I am over 65...Usually over 60s get free prescriptions in the UK......but only in amazingly rare circumstances will family doctors prescribe holiday travel stuff.....so same cost for all....! Private prescription.
Had to read the laminated warning card re Yellow Fever jab...side effects can occasionally include death.......especially for oldies!
But...Absolutely spot on saying worth the money ...

danward79 10 Sep 2011 10:06

I know the feeling, I have to do it three times, the Mrs, Me and my Daughter (6)... Which is another difficulty as most places won't deal with her as she is under 12!

ajayhungry 5 Jan 2012 05:13

Yes these expenses are correct but also consider of the hygiene aspects.

Always and always drink bottled mineral water, do not become lazy while washing hands before having anything.

Have a mosquito net for sleeping if there are mosquitoes in the area where you are going.

And get yourself vaccinated for the possible diseases which you might encounter.

jeiger and then have beer, cheers..bier

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