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iris_trui 7 May 2003 04:41

Best surgeon in Pakistan
After reading about the unlucky Kemal Altay and Vincent Danna, who both had accidents in Pakistan and broken limbs as a result, I thought it would be a good idea to post my own experiences here. I do hope no-one needs it, but we all know the risks, don't we ?....

This is the BEST surgeon you will find in Pakistan : dr. Aly Khokhar (orthopedic and trauma surgeon). Here are his coordinates : he works at the "Ali Medical Centre" / Main Markaz F8 / Islamabad. This is his phone at the hospital : 051 255.313 (but it's hard to find someone at the reception speaking English) / his phone at home : 051 227.51.17 / his mobile : 0300 854.51.17
Tell him you got his coordinates from us. He's very friendly, knows his job very very well, has
studied 10 years in England, etc. etc. He did a very good job on my leg in 1999 and we visited him
again last year (2002).
He was recommended to us by the Belgian Embassy and rightfully so.

We travelled from Belgium to India overland in 1999, and I broke my leg then in Pakistan too. Doctor Khokhar treated me and we stayed for 2 weeks in the Ali Medical Centre, after which we
were flown home, and the bikes shipped. (as our project was unfinished, we re-travelled last year
to India and back, and all was fine. Heheh !)

SAFE rides to all from Trui

Iris and Trui
2 belgian women, often travelling on motorbikes (now on DR650SE's)
2nd overland from home to Northern India and back, April-October 2002

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