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Goetz 13 Mar 2004 00:00

Where to get tyres in Central Asia?
my wife and I will be leaving to Central Asia in May. Both on F 650 GS Dakar.
To Almaty it´ll be some 10.000 km.
Does anyone know about tyre availability in Central Asia??
I know, being members of the former SU it ain´t no problem to get 18" tyres, coz all the russian stuff rolls on 18" rims.
But we need 17" and 21" diameter.

Does anyone know anything.


ïóòü = öåëü

usl 14 Mar 2004 21:23

Hi Goetz;

I will be on way back from Bishkek and hope to enter Russia from Saratov from Kazakhstan by mid May.

I will post the information about tires if happen to run into any place.

What are you thinking of oil? you think its avaliable along the road?


Goetz 15 Mar 2004 02:51

Hi Kemal
my russian expierience says: in the outskirts of any bigger town ther will be a container selling all the engine lubricants U wanna get.
In Central Asia I´d give it a try, taking along 2l in spare. My feeling tells me, every third petrol station got some oil. Coz it´s made out of the same stuff like gas/gasoline.
Have a nice trip in april

ïóòü = öåëü

pietro.spera 17 Mar 2004 14:12


Originally posted by Goetz:
Does anyone know about tyre availability in Central Asia??

I travelled from Tashkent to Italy last summer. There are no mechanics specialized in western bike for all the trip, at least until Turkey.
Nevertheless in Tashkent there is the official importer and dealer of BMW cars (I ride a BMW R 1100 GS). They are also the official mechanics of BMW and, also if they didn’t have specific experience in motorcycles, they were ready to help me.
I asked their assistance to find the oils and the brake fluid (the bike was shipped by plane from Italy to Tashkent so it had to be emptied out when shipped) and for possible problems (battery, etc.,) I could have after the shipment. Actually the air companies don’t permit to bring inflammable liquids, as lubrificants, so I had to find them at the arrival.
The name of the BMW dealer is Sanar Motor (email sanarmotors@sarkor.uz, tel. calling from Tashkent 1320353, fax 1322795).
My advice is to contact la Sanar Motor well in advance to negotiate with them what you need and the price.
There are official BMW car dealers also in Ashgabad (Turkmenistan) and, I believe, also in all the other capital cities of the Caucasian republic we went through (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia), but we didn’t contact them.
Have a nice trip

usl 17 Mar 2004 17:40

Thanks for the Tashkent tip pietro. Its will be very useful to me since Tashkent is the place where i wanted to change oil.

Goetz, i agree with you about Russia. In 2002, they had oil. On the worst case 20/50. I was in fact wondering the situation in 'stans.

One tip for you about Russia. Although they have gas stations quite frequently, you should consider yourself very very lucky if you find a WC and/or water tab. So i suggest that you carry toilet paper and paper at all times and keep your groin warm.

Take Care,

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