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holsinger 27 Feb 2003 22:07

Where to buy side-car motorcycle in SE Asia?
Does anyone know of side-car motorcycles/bikes that I can buy (and sell) in SE Asia? Where can I buy these bikes? Are there less expensive older and used side-car bikes for sale somewhere?

My sife and I want to fly into SE Asia, buy a bike there, and then motorbike/camp. So, I'm looking for a bike that I can buy in SE Asia and use to get me (slowly) from Vietnam to Bali. Does anyone know how to do this and where I can start looking for information?

zack 11 May 2003 23:05

i was in vietnam 8 years ago and saw some old russian bikes with sidecars. but, to take them o n a big trip. youll never get spares unless they can be hand made.and just saw some old ones in lao a few weeks ago. but they are hard to get a hold of from the owners! and again, the same problem as above. i suggest buying 2 scooters. 110 cc or 125 cc hondas as everybody in s e asia knows how to fix them and spares are available everywhere!
happy trails

Edd 10 Jun 2003 22:08

side cars? possible but can be rare, two wheels? yes. i think your best bet would be to buy a bike from Bangkok or pattaya (as you would have a better choice) and travel via cambodia, south vietnam, north vietnam, cross over into laos, maybe north thailand and then head south to bali. then to try and find one in vietnam. theres a foreigner who lives in chaing mai (northern thailand) and has a web page on "how to" s.e. asia. if you want some more info get back to me.

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TBR-China 11 Jun 2003 12:23

actually, here in Mainland China we have the BMW R71 1938 copies, called the Chang-Jiang sidecar. they are great fun, but not build for RTW trips, my 0.2 cents.

check out: http://www.infoblvd.net/danno/cj/

PICO-PICO 21 Jun 2006 08:22

Import from England
A bit late I saw your posting from 2003 about a side car.
Did you ever go on a trip?
Im just importing an EZS Rally sidecar from England to go on tour.

flashy_cj 21 Jun 2006 23:15

Chang Jiang is an option
While Butch is mostly correct, there is a fix and a responsible dealer in Beijing that can absolutely provide a solution.

My wife and I leave Changchun in NE China on July 17 on our RTW on a Chang that has had a BMW R75/5 engine installed by Jim Bryant at Frank's Classic Sidecars. The resulting bike has none of the mechanical/electrical problems of the Chang, yet retains all the charm and stamina of the Chang/R71.

We are so sure of the bike's reliability that we will cross Mongolia (very slowly and very carefully) on the first leg of the ride. In total we will travel 75,000 km and visit some 30-40 countries (see www dot draginrun dot com).

The Chang is a sidecar rig and that affords us the opportunity to carry what we need for a 14-16 month ride.

Of course the bike is substantially more $$$ with the BMW engine but then the total cost of our bike, with all of the mods, is still a far cry from what you will pay for even an older GS type bike. Further, BMW repairs should be available almost anywhere.

If you are interested, visit Frank's Classic Sidecars at www dot mycj750 dot com, could be a real answer. Tell'em Flashy sent ya.



glennoi 6 Jul 2006 05:16

Urals in Vietnam
The master Minsk mechanic in Ha Noi, Cuong, is now restoring Urals and is probably your best bet for a sidecar in SE Asia.

You will have to contact him well in advance if you want to buy a bike for extended touring throughout the region, or be prepared to spend some time in Ha Noi. Foreigners have crossed into Cambodia from VN on sidecars, but the border regulations are constantly changing. For the latest situation at the borders between VN, Laos and Cambodia check out http://board.gt-rider.com

You can email Cuong at cuongminsk@yahoo.com


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