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golfish 8 Jun 2009 05:48

Vehicle from Singapore to Indonesia
We're on our way driving to Sydney from London in a car. Currently in Penang, Malaysia and had planned to use Cakra Shipping to get over to Belawan in Indonesia.

Details on this thread http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/hub...onesia-32605-3

We went to see them this morning though, and there are no ships this week and possibly not until late next week. They were really helpful and appologetic, but they are just agents, so nothing they can do to get a boat running!

We really need to get to Indonesia ASAP, and given that by all reports the Melaka -> Dumai route seems problematic (and maybe not even possible with a car) it seems like Singpore to Indonesia is our best hope. I have been searching for any sort of vehicle ferry or shipping agent, but can't find anything.

These guys MelbourneToLondon.com according to their map came on a 'ferry' from Palembang in Indonesia to Batam, then another 'ferry' to Singapore. This route would be good for us, but I just can't find any details.

Any advice or assistance would be really appreciated! Thanks.

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