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chica diabla 16 Jul 2010 14:38

tyres between turkey and thailand
Hi there,

In september we will start our overland to australia trip
anybody bought tyres in:

or nepal???? :eek3:

love to hear experiences....


Bertrand 16 Jul 2010 15:19

I bought tyres from the sole (at the time) TKC importer in Turkey in Antalya and had them sent by bus to BMW Istanbul which was on my route.
BMW Istanbul had Tourances etc but not TKC's then.
I fitted new in Istanbul and carried others from there-

MikeS 16 Jul 2010 16:02

Very difficult to find tyres for regular European mid/large cc bikes in these places though maybe the bigger Turkish cities might be ok but I didn't go to any. I'd suggest fitting something hard wearing like Mitas E-07 or similar and also make sure you carry inner tubes as those are also pretty difficult to find.

pecha72 16 Jul 2010 20:04

2,5 years ago there certainly didnt seem to be many tyres available for big bikes between Eastern Turkey and Thailand. Even in Thailand & Malaysia you can find them, but its not like in Europe or Oz. Also if you go to Indonesia, they´ll be rare.

But then I didnt really have to start seaching for them, as I was carrying spares. Could be possible in some big cities (but still a pain to try to locate them, I believe).

beddhist 17 Jul 2010 11:31

Bought Mitas tyre in E Turkey (from dealer in Istanbul, had it sent).
Iran: big bikes are banned, so no tyres available.
Pakistan: if you are stuck in one of the big cities try to find the mechanic that looks after the few big cop bikes. He *might* be able to find you one, if you are stuck.
India: I've read of reports of some tyres being available in Delhi and Goa.
Nepal: you may or may not find a tyre in Ktm. But, if you made it here you might as well wait until you land in Bkk, there are lots of tyre shops there.

mcgiggle 17 Jul 2010 17:00

Delhi, Kaulson Racing ...... GO !!!!!!!!!!!! For KRP I just turned up and got an India made rear (£30) for my X Challenge off the shelf, with some notice he can get pretty much anything.
Had no problems getting tyres in south Turkey, they had to be shipped from Istanbul to the local bike shop but got there in a couple of days


Bergrider 23 Jul 2010 13:43

Big bike tyres

Coming from the other direction I only saw a set of Tubeless tryre for a big-bike ( R1150GS) in Shillong in NE India, I could hardly believe it !

Accross the Himalayas forget it, same India.

SEA was OK as Malaysia has a large and pretty strong BMW club and tyres aren't "too" difficult to get, say a 2 day wailt.

I just changed my Hindeneau K60's after an amazing 15,000km of very hard riding to Lahore and I waited 5 days for a DHL shipment from home ( Oz ). I've not gotten more than 10,000km from ANY tyre before and I eblieve them as good as the TKC's in the heavy-going, so would recommend them.

Other option of carrying sounds good and I did this accross Oz, but it made the tail-heavy and was a pain in the cross-winds, plus weight etc. plus changing tools for tubeless.

So conclusion is no, I didn't see anything other than what suits Honda 50cc to 125cc bikes from Thailand to Lahore ( Shillong excepted).

I hope this helps.

R1150GS - The Pig.

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