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Kiwi-videos 23 Oct 2012 09:42

Toll Perkins Shipping East Timor 5th October 2012
For those interested in shipping to or from Darwin to Dili, Timor Leste.
I recently shipped from Darwin to Dili using Toll Perkins Shipping from Darwin to Dili.

Found it a very easy process.
Got a rough shipping schedule that can change dates as with most shipping ,off their shipping internet site.
Went to the Toll office where the Girls instructed me to firstly get my Carne stamped at the customs office near downtown Darwin which just involved ringing the bell at the Customs house counter where a person came out of the back office to outside where they checked my Motorcycle numbers and then stamped my Carne. No lines of people if they ever had a line there.
Returned to the Toll office where the girls asked me take the motorcycle around too the shipping shed where a guy took some basic measurements and left my bike there.
Back to office with measurement,s and they worked out the price.

They have a standard price of A$350 for bikes unless large plus fees. Mine a BMW R100 with boxes small fairing.
Paid at counter A$437 to ship to Dili.
Price can vary a little as three others also shipped on same ship.


Next bought a air ticket to Dili for two days time so more expensive as short notice A$444 with Air North.

Then waited in Dili ,East Timor.
Can be waiting at either end for a little while, stayed at YHA in Darwin was A$32 low season per night or camping A$35. Yeah not cheap.
Neither Dili really for there position , basic backpacker US$12 a night.

Ship arrived into Dili which doesn,t have the greatest infaststucture.
Got a bill of Ladeling from Dili Toll office , took that to the Dili Port Customs ( no lines, five minutes )where they stamped my Carne ,returned to toll Office where they have their own container yard behind their offices.
Paid US$56 in Fees there.
They opened the container and rolled out my bike and onto the road.

So simple.
Be prepared to wait a while for ship to arrive and containers to be off loaded.

Others had slight price differences.

But so easy. No crating ,they tied down four bikes in four containers with other mixxed goods, not really packed out and if we had really been on to it maybe should have shared a container.Two others had too buy tie downs.

Presume it,s just as easy the other way.

PN the roads in Timor Leste are absolute nightmare ,partically if you go around the South coast to the Border on a road bike.Your Choice.

Row1 25 Feb 2013 23:00

Thanks for your up to date information.
We wil be heading to Darwin this week and hope to have the same hassle-free transport to Dili.

We weren't sure if we should go to Dili before the bikes leave but are now feeling confidant to do so, given your experience.



krammit 3 Apr 2013 23:02

yeah awesome to hear.. especially what happens at the Timor end. I'll be up there early May. I've been speaking to the 2 girls at the office in Darwin and they are very helpful.. But its great to hear what fees were involved at the other end because thats the one thing they couldnt answer for me.


krammit 20 May 2013 07:09

I'm not having the best run. I'm in Darwin waiting and there have been two ships now where they have cancelled the Dili stop. There must not be as much freight going over this time of year or something. The girls in the office tell me the next one (12th June) will definitely go there. I'm flying over on the 29th May- couple of weeks without the bike wont hurt. Lucky I'm not on a time schedule :)

Drwnite 20 May 2013 09:15

So you'd have time for a beer Fancy catching up for a few ?

Keith1954 20 May 2013 09:26


Originally Posted by krammit (Post 422856)
I'm flying over on the 29th May- couple of weeks without the bike wont hurt ..

Kurt - same circumstances for me back in September 2011. I had about 10 days in Dili without my bike because of last minute changes in Toll's shipping schedule.

I used-up the time by renting an SUV for a week, then headed-out to the eastern end of Timor; visiting townships like Com, Lospalos and Loré. It was a great way to fill-up the spare time.

Better still if you can share the SUV rental costs with some other travellers wanting to explore that end of the island. There's usually plenty of visiting Westerners etc around (backpackers and such) if you enquire at the right places in Dili.

All the best


Old Swiver 24 May 2013 08:46

Hi Krammit, I am also on my way to Darwin, now at Daly Waters. I have just checked Tolls web page and they still have the boat leaving for Dili with the freight cut off at 3pm on the 29th. I spoke to one of the girls at the office(last wednesday) and she told me it was not going but then said we get our orders from Singapore, so things may have changed. I guess I will find out when I front up at the office on Monday morning. May see you along the way, I'm an old bloke on a black DR650.
Best Wishes John

krammit 6 Jun 2013 03:36

hey guys, haven't been on here for a while.
Drwnite, sorry i missed this message, would of been good to have a few.

I'm in Dili now with John patiently waiting. I've been enjoying checking the place out.
Cheers Keith, I'll look into it.

krammit 30 Jun 2013 03:41

quick update to let you know how it went...
I got the bike. all up it was relatively hassle free. The only painful bit was the boat being cancelled and then delayed. But once the boat finally arrived in Dili it all happened quickly. Boat arrived on a Saturday and on Monday before lunch i was riding out the driveway.

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