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Boags 6 Jul 2012 04:07

Timor Leste to Flores, and beyond
Hi all,

just to give some info out there, maybe this will help someone. I'm currently in Kupang, on my way West to Europe, from Melbourne.

Step one was to ship from Darwin, Australia to Dili, Timor Leste. The person I spoke to in Darwin did not take into account the size (overall) of the 4x4 so it did not fit into the container. As a result, someone, either in Darwin, on the vessel, or in Dili, went through the car and took some items (computer, cables, portable hard disks, hunting knife, etc) so, my advice : lock everything up... Anyways, in Dili, the procedure is very simple :
- Get your carnet stamped at Customs (the customs office is in the port)
- Pay everything you owe at Perkins (their office is on the main road, some 500m from the Australian embassy as you go towards the airport, on your right hand side, just across the supermarket "Landmark" and the only bottle shop in townjeiger).
- Perkins (James Geddes is the man to talk to, extremely helpful, true Aussie bloke) will have given you four forms : grey, white, pink and blue. Hand over the pink form to the boys at the port, and the blue one to the customs officer.
- Drive off... There is (or at least there were none for me) inspection whatsoever for the car or the quarantine etc, had I known this I'd have brought more stuff over from OZ...

That was the first border crossing for me, an easy one. As you will have flown from Darwin while the car/bike gets shipped, stay at the backpackers, super friendly bunch and free wifi.

Step two : cross over to Indonesia. We crossed at the border town of Mota'ain. Very easy again.
- Stop at the Timor Leste office, get your stamps and fill the forms. Say goodbye and
- Drive 500m to the Indonesian office, get your stamps, fill the forms (in Bahasa only, no translation available but the guys are fun and friendly) then another with the military. These guys are the friendliest bunch ever !
- One officer will go through the vehicle, not very thoroughly and you're off.

Now we're in Kupang, the ferry to Flores was cancelled due to bad weather. We'll ship on Sunday (08th July 2012) so if there's anyone of you around, let me know we can ship together. The price for the car is anything between 1.500.000 and 2.000.000 RP, I couldn't get a straight answer yet, I'll know on Sunday.

Hope to see you on the road, stay safe.:funmeterno:

Boags (look for a Toyota Landcruiser with a big teddy bear on the roofrack...) or go to Dum Spiro, Spero

Boags 6 Jul 2012 04:13

PS : we saw a green side-car registered in the USA on our way out of Kefamenau, looking good :) Heading west or east ???

RTWbyBIKE.com 8 Jul 2012 08:40

Hi there, we are in Flores port. Labuan something, just came over from Sumbava. Heading your direction now, maybe see you on on the road. we are on an Africa twin, fully loaded looks like a truck, easy to spot. Going up the north coast in two days, if you see us on the raod just stop us or give me an SMS on our phone and we can excahange some information, we just came the way you will go now I guess... there isnt any other ;)

cheers SAscha


Boags 8 Jul 2012 08:45

Hey Sasha,

Labuhan Bajo yeah I know the place, westernmost port towards Sumbawa. I was meant to ship this morning but the boat was full so I'll be in Maumere on Friday. When do you think you'll be coming to Kupang ? or are you heading to Sumbawa after ?

My nr is 0812 36 410 610. Cheers.


RTWbyBIKE.com 8 Jul 2012 09:53

we just come from Sumbava (SEA: Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatera.....), going East now... In Kupang we will be in approx 2 weeks time... going tomorrow to see the Dragons arround here and after tomorrow direction North Coast and further East...

saved your number...

cheers Sascha

Boags 8 Jul 2012 14:39

All right, let's try to meet somewhere end of the week around Maumere if that's convenient ?

Cheers, safe riding buddy.

sharemyoyster 9 Jul 2012 02:20

Dili to Timor
Hi Brice,

I'm about 4 weeks behind you, i leave Perth WA on 1st August, so we may run into each other somewhere out there.

Thanks for the information regarding Dili & Timor and sorry to hear about your losses, definitely not what you need at the start of your trip.

I have a couple of questions... What, roughly, were your daily costs in Dili? the reason I ask is because I am planning to go over to Atauro Island while my bike ships, and the cost over there is $40 per day/night including all food. and What day does the ferry go from West Timor to Flores? or is there no fixed day, it just goes whenever...

Thanks, talk again soon, Dave.
Share My Oyster

Boags 9 Jul 2012 02:30

Hey Dave, good to hear from ya. Sorry we missed each other in WA ;)

For Dili, we stayed at the backpackers, which costs 25USD per night if you want a room, less if you're happy with the dorm. The owner is a Brit, he's cool as.

You can eat out in the local restaurants for approx 2USD per person. Our favorite was an Indonesian restaurant : out of the backpackers, take a left towards town, walk 500m till you see a park, just before the park, turn right, at the next junction there's a light, cross the street and a bit further on your right there's the place, red and black signage (street names are a concept in Timor Leste, to quote the Lonely Planet lol)

Atauro is a must, there's a few ways to get there : either the ferry which runs once a week (sat), 5USD per person but tickets are on sale on Friday only and go quickly. Second is the taxiboats, 45USD per person. Lastley, more fun : the fishermen boat. Go to "Casa de Europa" in town, across the street there's the beach, get there in the morning (approx 7AM) and ask for a ride across. It costs 10USD, you will get wet so wrap your camera in a plastic bag, but it's a lot of fun. Three hours later you're on the island.

Accomodation is either the pizzeria, run by an Italian priest (no kidding) or Barry's eco-lodge. He's an Aussie, give him my regards when you're there, he's awesome. Cabin costs 50bux and tent 35 I think.

In Kupang till Thursday, the boat was full. Will be on Flores island for a week, you'll catch up with me around Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur then I suppose :thumbup1:

Boags 9 Jul 2012 02:40

Sorry I forgot the second question.

I have with me the ferry schedule from Kupang to Flores :

Tuesday : Kupang to Aimere - 11AM (1.800.000rp)
Thursday : Kupang to Larantuka - 3PM (1.170.000rp)

It takes approx 15 to 20h to get across. I'll take the one on Thursday to get the chance to cross the island east to west, to Labuhan Bajo.

The port in Kupang is Bolok, follow the coast from Kupang south for about 30min. Be there early (I actually will spend Wednesday night on the docks) as there are only a few vehicle allowed per trip and everyone wants a ticket. It's first in first serve, and as far as I know you can't buy your ticket the day before, I'll try anyhow and let you know how I go.

See ya.

sharemyoyster 9 Jul 2012 02:43

Hi Brice,

That was a bloomin' quick response... are you bored stiff, surfing the internet?

Thanks again for all that info, i think i might just share the accommodation between the backpackers in Dili and Barry's Place then, i was just going to go straight to Atauro. Hoping to be in Timor around 15th August.

What about the West Timor - Flores ferry, how often and which day? I've heard it only crosses once a week but I guess that's wrong seeing as you couldn't get on yesterdays but you're on another hopefully on Thursday.

It sounds like you're enjoying yourself despite your losses. Do you have a blog or similar?

Regards, Dave.

Boags 9 Jul 2012 02:49

Yeah bit bored at the moment, I'm waiting for a guy to call me to go to immigration to extend my visa. I should have applied in Darwin instead of Dili, I could only get a 30d visa. Bummer.

So yeah, the ferry ships on Tue-Thur only, but that can change depending on the weather, which is why last Thursday's ship was re-scheduled on Sunday, and it was full in minutes.

You can follow me on Dum Spiro, Spero though I'm changing domain host at the moment so it may be offline while the DNS change. Anyways.

15th of August I'll be in KL, try to catch up:rofl:

sharemyoyster 9 Jul 2012 04:33

Thanks for the ferry info Brice.

Cheers, Dave.

Boags 13 Jul 2012 13:12

Dave just to let u know, the boat from Kupang to Flores is the busiest of all connections in Indo. Make sure u get there the day before. On the port, go to the police kiosk and ask for Rincan, he's a coppa but real helpful, he likes to speak in English.

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