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Boags 12 Jan 2009 00:48

Thailand to Bangladesh
Hi all,

since Burma is still very closed, is China a no-go either in which case how about a ferry from Bangkok to Bengladesh for my Landcruiser ? Unless the road around Burma through China is OK without a guide etc...


dogito66 12 Jan 2009 09:07

china crossing
when are you planning to cross china?? we're on our africa twin in koh chang right now and would love to go sometime in april...
maybe we could share the costs for the red tape and go together??
there is 1 more biker, at the moment in phnom penh, who posiibly would like to join too.
I understand that we would need a guide and it would take about 2-3 months in paperwork to organize it all.
would you have any space in you landcruiser for a guide?? we're 2 up on my twin and I'd have to get a guide in a separate car otherwise, which is bloody expensive.
thanks again


pecha72 12 Jan 2009 12:34

Getting vehicles to go one way or the other across the Bay of Bengal seems to be a constant problem on this site.

I believe you can go to China, and even cross China, but it´ll cost more than most of us are capable of or willing to pay. And it can´t be done just like that, it´ll need to be prepared well in advance.

Another problem: for about 20 years now, there do not seem to be any regular international ferries operating in the whole area. Only between the Andaman&Nicobar islands and ports in mainland India. It´s disturbingly close to Thailand - but probably still too far away to either swim, or charter some fishing boat to take you there!

There could be some big freightship, sorry I dont remember the name of the company, that goes from Singapore (or Port Klang in Malaysia?) to Chennai, and its got like a dozen cabins for passengers. Very expensive for bikers, but maybe not so much, when considering how much it would normally cost to freight a car.

Boags 12 Jan 2009 21:52

@Dogito66, sorry bro, won't leave Australia before 2011. Still tons to plan.

Hypothetically, the answer would have been yes of course...

Good luck mate, take care.

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