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codyblake 27 Feb 2006 22:48

staying in delhi
does anybody have any good guest houses to stay in Delhi, somewhere near Karol Bagh. Not too expensive $10 or less a night. will appreciate any thoughts.


Red Bull 8 Mar 2006 21:47

Don't know about Delhi,
But if you happen to come south.
PUNE(180Kms from Bombay) drop me a line , You can stay with us.

Red Bull
Ride safe, ride far, ride often,,,...

Quincy 6 Apr 2009 09:12

Best place i've found in Delhi by a country mile is Majors Den, Just off Pahar Ganje down a reasonably quiet side street, far enough from the main bazzar to stay sane . Rooms are cheap (around $6) and kept clean and the major will do anything he can to help. Decent places to stash your bike away. Not far from Karol Bagh. Very Nice place.

Dodgydago 6 Apr 2009 12:09

Just back from Delhi
I've been to Delhi a few times and everytime but the last I left with a 'Delhicate' health.
Paharganj is centric and convenient but the air is polluted and dusty because the market is crowded, busy with dirt (not tarmac + pretty dirty) roads. Added to that the taunts erode your patience to exhaustion.
I stayed in Carol Bahg once. It was expensive and the air wasn't much better than in Paharganj.
This last time I stayed at guest house in Majnu Ka Tilla, a Tibetan refugee colony in north Delhi, near the river. The air there is breathable and the place's a lot cleaner than many areas. The accommodation is clean and there are clean restaurants offering Indian and Tibetan food. Inexpensive as well, although is quite a way out. It can be reached by underground (metro) and a short (15Rs) rickshaw ride. If youíre on a bike, reaching Carol Bahg from there itís easy. Takes 10min if you don't get stuck on traffic but Most of the way is as congestion free as it can be in Delhi. I parked the bike overnight outside the guest house and had no problems.
The last time was the only I didn't left Delhi coughing my lungs off and a with a funny belly.

chanderjeet 21 Apr 2009 15:39

Major's Den is a good one. Otherwise only a few guest houses in paharganj will provide good - safe parking.

If you are interested, lets plan a meet-up. throw me a PM. I dont live more than 20 minutes away from paharganj.

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