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MikeS 18 Oct 2012 04:20

Shipping bicycle to Malaysia from UK?
Hey, has anyone shipped a bicycle to KL, Malaysia from UK recently? Looking to bring my mountain bike over but have been quoted 220GBPs from a shipping agent to get it to KL...does anyone have any suggestions to get it over here for less cash? Thanks

maja 23 Oct 2012 18:32

Hi Mike, looks like you got the job then. When I was cycling around I would take the bicycle as baggage so no extra charge involved. The last time was 2004 from Mumbai to Heathrow so things may have changed. If you still can take them as baggage but look like exceeding the weight allowance, upgrading to 1st class with an increased baggage allowance might work and still be cheaper than the UK shipping agent's price. It's sunny here in Cusco and the NRB's beer prices would not seem out of place in central Edinburgo. Ride safe.

MikeS 24 Oct 2012 05:07

hey Mike, sorry to hear you are paying $$$ beer prices. Am aleady in KL so looking to get the bicycle shipped over at some point, someone suggested taking it to air cargo at the airport so may be an option. Looking to move into an appartment next week as going stir crazy in the hotel, will be in Bangsar so good area, plus flat has parking. Beer/wine prices here are certainly not cheap which is a shock to the system but then petrol and food are not expensive so maybe it balances out in the end.

Safe travels

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