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Dan 23 15 Jan 2010 14:52

Secret Beaches, Southern India

How is it? Good enough?

So - secret beaches in southern India. Isolated camping spots, maybe a shack or two. Somewhere with soft sand and spicy fish, somewhere to plot up with books, beers and backgammon, and without too much hippie drama. Somewhere so lovely you're quietly loath to share it with anyone else. I can keep a secret...


Suerte, Dan

goodwoodweirdo 15 Jan 2010 16:01

You think ? let me know if you find one ..... :-)

Dan 23 23 Feb 2010 06:31

I've started answering my own desk-bound questions. F_ck google, ask 100 strangers. Stop speculating, start riding.

So - sauntering Enfield slow, north from Cochin, searching for that perfect plot-up spot. Northern Kerala's beautiful but boxed-off, tourists corralled into low-impact, high-cost resorts. Lovely, surely, but 3000-6000 roops a night (50-80GBP) seems the drop-in rate for a cabin with carefully constructed barefoot chic. Elsewhere the beaches are inaccessible, blocked by houses, breakwaters or stern muslim women. No disrespect to the Prophet (may peace be upon him), but burkas and beaches are an awkward fit. The only exception I found was Muzzipilango, north of boozy union territory Mahe - a long, wide racetrack of a shore with a cheap hotel, The Pavillion, offering rooms for 700roops, but it had the smell of heavy drugs and light fingers so I kept on riding into Karnataka.

Which was A Good Thing because I found this place. Or had it found for me. Turtle Bay Resort, 10kms north of Kundapur. Cute cabins, quiet clean beach, tasty restaurant, welcoming staff. Spicy fish curries, cold beers, and decent rates. Worth a lazy week of anyone's precious time. If you're after sunset chillums and hippie dramas, keep heading for Gokarna. But if you're after a little piece of peace, some swimming, maybe a little yoga, then this could be your place in the sun.

Suerte, Dan

mitchell 14 Mar 2010 11:10

hey dan. heading that way in a few weeks. now in TN.
how much a night in that turtle bay?
a/c needed or not?

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