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lend 10 Aug 2009 00:57

Renting larger Bike in Vietnam??
I need something large enough to ride 2up and still handle a reasonable amount of gear for a two to three week ride through Northern Vietnam and possibly Laos. Riding in February 2010.

Any idea what is available?

My wife and I have previously rode 5 months through South, Central, and North America and used every bit of Luggage space available on a large touring bike.

Considering the short time we have for this ride, I might considered joining a tour, or a least hiring a tour guide, which might allow some gear to be carried or transported by the guide. This should definitely eliminate the need to carry any tools or parts.

Renting a second bike is not an option. I realize this inquiry is a little “open ended” but any suggestions or advice would be appreciated. I am going to make something work, I am not sure how.

Lend (1 Life)

maximondo 10 Aug 2009 05:15

If you do a tour of all the expat bars and cafes, you will come across posters selling bikes. There also a couple of good websites where expats sell bikes and other stuff. You could ask the guys at this website 'The New Hanoian' which is run by an expat.

You will find it harder to find larger bikes in the south, but just do the same sort of thing - talk to all the expats, they also give you the best information on laws, roads, food and mechanics!

good luck! Just so you know, I brought a bike and sold a bike while I was in Vietnam for one month, its not hard at all, you just have to prepare your self for some down time and think about what you are selling and where. for example, I was riding a Honda SS50 from south to north. There is hardly any of these in the north so people jumped onto it quickly. If you are going to buy a Minsk then you need to ride from North to south. Any of these bikes can be sold - really easily in other countries such as Laos and Cambodia - to expats.

explodingmouse 12 Aug 2009 07:25

Flamingo Travel
Try Flamingo travel on Dinh liet st in the old quarter of Hanoi , they have a DRZ 400, pricey though $50 USD a day , they also have a 2003 xr250 $35 usd a day , ask for Mr Hung he will bargain depending on how many days you want it for, tell him Mr Paul sent you, weve known each other for about ten years.

You could also try cuongs shop on the right hand side of Luong Ngoc Quyen st when your walking towards the Red river , older xr, kick start only but reliable $25 USD a day the shop is near the end of Luong Ngoc Quyen st.

vander 14 Aug 2009 20:33

Hello everybody.

I'm going to Vietnam in about a month. Intention is to buy 2 bikes and ride Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

Any help with places where we can buy cheap bikes (minsk or similar) in Hanoi would be apreciated.
I only know about Cuongs. Are there more places?

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