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metita 15 Jan 2011 12:32

Pakistan visa in Delhi
At the minimeeting in Chiang Mai we heard about visaproblems at the pakistani embassy in Delhi.
Since we wanted to fly our bike to Kathmandu and travel overland back home to Holland we emailed the embassies in Delhi, Kathmandu and Bangkok. No response.
Then I telephoned the Delhi embassy and I got a very clear answer. When a non indian wants a visum he/she has to go back to his/hers country and apply there.
The pakistani embassy in Delhi does not give visa.

This clear answer made us decide to skip Pakistan (and Iran) because a returnflight Delhi Amsterdam is way out of line and when this is the way Pakistan likes to operate I think the country misses many tourists
Happily we travelled Pakistan allready ten years ago an have a rough idea about the country.

Menno and Tine Stammes

ilesmark 15 Jan 2011 14:11

It’s what other countries do to Pakistanis, so they do it to the people of those countries as a sort of diplomatic ‘tit for tat’.

Fair enough, but why can't they take it out on the diplomats of such countries rather than innocent tourists who don't make the rules?

maximondo 15 Jan 2011 14:14

I'm currently in India, and i have decided not to even bother with the Pakistan embassy here. I am actually going to send my passport back to Australia and get my visa there. It might be worth you trying that too??

Pakistan Diplomatic Missions in Australia

Omie 15 Jan 2011 15:42

Many friends came through Khanjerab/Sost border via China. This appears to be the only border issuing Pakistani visa on arrival. Might be worth considering.

metita 5 Feb 2011 10:55

hello maximondo,
When you indeed want to send your passport to pakistani embassy in Australia you have to keep in mind that police in India, special in Goa, is very strict in checking passport via so called C-forms wich all guesthouse and hotelowner has to fill in. When you cannot produre a passport with a valid visum your in deep trouble. We noticed this already last year, but yesterdaw we arrived in Goa and learned from your friend that things became more tense.
This means your have to stay in the same guesthouse/hotel until you have your passport back.


ilesmark 7 Feb 2011 10:37

Metita's comment has reminded me of something. Slightly off-topic, but a Kiwi work colleague was telling me she'd been to India for a couple of weeks in Jan 11 and was able to get a visa on arrival at Delhi airport.

BUT she got into (and won!) a number of arguments with hoteliers, police and airport officials who thought the unusual stamp in her passport was fake but then had to eat humble pie when they took her up on her suggestion to "call Immigration if you don't believe me"

Here's the details - Visa on Arrival in India | mystikalindia.com

maximondo 9 Feb 2011 02:52

I just called the Pakistan Embassy in New Dehli, they are not issuing tourist visas for foreigners. So Im a bit stuck at the moment. My friends in Australia are trying to call the embassy there for me.

As for the 'Form C' I am just coming into them as i am now on the west coast. I havent yet had to display my passport as i have photocopies but I getting the idea. Thanks for the warning.

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