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dnicoletti 23 Jul 2010 16:53

pakistan visa at khunjerab pass
i've heard that someone, here on the hubb got his own pak visa directly on the khunjerab pak borderpost last year. does anybody knows or did it recently as can confirm me this running act?
plus, did anybody got it in bishkek, kyrgyzstan?
we're in tashkent went to the pak embassy today but a new rule in act from march 2010 says, no more visas for foreigners here...

w.t.f we can arrange this hassle?
help needed...

Redboots 23 Jul 2010 17:39


Originally Posted by dnicoletti (Post 298367)
i've heard that someone, here on the hubb got his own pak visa directly on the khunjerab pak borderpost last year

There is only one or two guys in the post at the pass... They did not check our passports but there are another 2 or 3 checkpoints before Sost/Sust.
Migration is done there.

The KKH is still flooded by the Attabad landslide in January, north of Gilgit. They are supposed to be setting up a proper ferry service soon as the lake is 26km long and 115m deep.
Dave's Landslide Blog


dnicoletti 24 Jul 2010 14:00

so red boot,
you mean you're one of that guys wich passed through the khunjerab get into pakistan w/out visa getting it at the border: it is correct?
no hassles at all, they didn't blame you about that?
i must to know, 'cause if i shouldn't get it here in tashkent, i'm in the mud...
as for the landslide lake, there's a boat service still on running as omar from the hubb told me a couple of days ago.


Redboots 24 Jul 2010 19:05


Originally Posted by dnicoletti (Post 298488)
so red boot,
you mean you're one of that guys wich passed through the khunjerab get into pakistan w/out visa getting it at the border:

NO, sorry. Already had a visa. Never heard of anyone getting it at the border.

I think you may be in the mud:eek3:

Maybe in Sust... if they let you get that far.


Omie 26 Jul 2010 08:01

Latest news of the accidental lake is correct but I would advise you to complete the paperwork. I think if you personally contact the senior embassy staff it might help.

I am sure they will be reasonable and would help if at all possible.

You shall be getting your invitation from PBC soon.
Have a nice trip


dnicoletti 26 Jul 2010 09:56

thanx Omie for your answer and for your help. we're waiting for the PBC letter as we'll go to the embassy to disscuss our positions.
fingers crossed!

kebabtomten 2 Aug 2010 10:27

Sost Visa
I was one the guys who entered Pakistan via sot last year and yes , you can easly get a VOA (visa on arrival) at the Sost border. At that time it cost 30 USD very easy and they were very friendly at the border...

Also dont forget you have to pay a National Park Fee in Khunjerab its a outpost far into the park , it cost about 4-5 USD but they will literary except any kind of currency you have on you ..also very friendly.

You will notice that every one in norther Pakistan is extremely friendly and helpful ...godd luck have fun , shame that the KKH is a mess now. Its a fanatstic road to ride on even with all the road work going on when we were on it ..

CornishDeity 2 Aug 2010 10:36

last year
On Sept 2nd we travelled through wife a French guy who picked up his visa in Sost. They even kept the office open late for him, as he was on a Vespa!

It's a long ride from China border post to Sost, especially if they play up on China side, as they did with us.

On the other hand, the Pakistanis were very friendly, especially if you like cricket
! You need some money also to pay a fee to travel though the national park, so have some small dollars or even better, so Ruppees.

They will change money at Sost as well, but i think this is too late.

They didn't give him any grief - it all seemed fairly normal.

Bjorn 8 Aug 2010 05:19


Incredibly friendly border post at Sost. We arrived late and they let us in to take the bikes to a hotel of our choice. Bike & passport were handled the next day, very relaxed.
I had a visa already but it was a nightmare to get back in the UK. So I asked if visa on arrival would have been possible. Yes – it is possible. But price & "terms and conditions" of the visa are obviously dependent on your nationality.

Enjoy northern Pakistan – it's a great country with great people!! And if there's any dodgy areas, the police wont even let you go there.

Mart456 15 Sep 2010 12:27

Hi, were just applied for our visa in Ankara, which has now been referred... not sure for how long, if we do get refused, what are the chances of us getting the visa at sost ?

Bobduro 15 Sep 2010 20:16

Hi Mart,

I was in the group that came over the pass with the guy who started this thread. Of 7 in our group, 2 didn't have their Pakistan visas. We rode to Khunjerab, the chinese asked to see our onward visas and when they said that they'd get them at Sost they just let us through.
We rode to Sost and they were ushered into another room, and reappeared 10 minutes later with 30 day visas for the grand total of $24!! Way cheaper and involving considerably less hassle than applying at home!
The guys at the customs post were really friendly, and we definitely were not a one off, a coach arrived at the same time with some cyclists on board none of whom had theirs - not a problem. This seems to be standard procedure at Sost (but only at Sost) so I wouldn't worry about it at all.

By the way, this was on the 1st Sept so is up to date. It's almost certain you'll be denied as the Pak embassies changed their policy on issing visas in third countries back in may but haven't bothered updating their websites.

Hope that's of help?!....

beddhist 15 Sep 2010 20:21

There are some other recent posts here confirming that you can indeed get a visa on arrival at Sost.

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