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nomadic 14 Apr 2012 00:57

New India-Pakistan trade border post opens
New border opens between Pakistan - India, close to the old Wagah border.

Now trade between the two countries goes through the new border, leaving the older Wagah border open for tourists & visitors as it used to be.

India-Pakistan border post opens for business

In 2007 the Wagah border already opened for motorized trade traffic but clogged the passage creating long delays and chaos. Before goods were carried over the border.

With the new trade border post the historic Wagah border returns to pre-2007 traffic again.

For overlanders with vehicles this probably means a return to the ole meticulous inside-out checking of vehicles.

Omie 16 Apr 2012 04:59

I am optimistic hoping it would turn out to be better for all kind of travellers.

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