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shantimoens 6 Jan 2012 14:10

leaving your car at the customs for a while
we want to drive from oman with our car to india with a carnet de passage, can we afther that the finished the maximum time that we are allowed to stay with our car in oman , leaving him at customs , go for aways for one year or less ,then come back and drive it back out of india

anyone experience with leaving there car at customs for a while in india or somewhere else

greetings peter

jonhanks 12 Aug 2012 21:47

Car stays at customs.....

Have left car at customs in both Pakistan at customs border post at Wagah (Pak/India border) and customs bonded warehouse in Goa, India. For varying periods of time - 4 months to over one year.

Hope this helps, it is definitely possible to do. But I must say I do not fully understand the question in your post as the English is not clear.

If you want to clarify, I can attempt to be more specific.


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