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Mike K. 6 Jul 2012 15:40

Leave the Motorbike in Nepal

how long can i leave a Motorbike with carnet in Nepal?And someone knows a safe place in Katmandu?



gyan 7 Jul 2012 12:08

hello, if your bike is in nepal, come to visit our workshop.
for enquiry,


RChester 14 Jul 2012 19:04

Are you in Kathmandu?

Mike K. 14 Jul 2012 19:18


no i am not in Katmandu.I am allready preparing my trip.


Uselessbaba 23 Jul 2012 17:10

I have a Nepal bike with CDP currently stored in Kat, my understanding is that you cannot keep a bike in any 'foreign country' for more than 6 mths on a CDP. Not a problem for me, obviously, but as your CDP is only valid for a year anyway, I doubt you would want to leave it anywhere that long.

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