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Redboots 5 Aug 2010 20:30

KKH today
Anyone planning to ride the northern part of the KKH, (Besham to Sust), should check out the following images from the Pamir Times and maybe re-think it:

[Pictorial Report] Destruction on the KKH between Gilgit and Hunza – Nagar | PAMIR TIMES

Images off the devastated Karakuram Highway | PAMIR TIMES

KKH Gilgit – Hunza section to remain open tomorrow | PAMIR TIMES

The suggestion is that it will be 6 weeks before it re-opens....



kebabtomten 6 Aug 2010 21:29

Its a shame that this is happening , Last year I rode the entire lenght of KKH , a fantistic riding experience that I will never forget.

Though the road was going through extensive refurbishment by the chinese it still gave me joy , all the way from Kunjerab pass down to Islamabad via Skardu and Desaoi Plains and Astor valley.

Regardless of media , pakistan is a fantastic place with humble and kind hearted people .... My thoughts are with the people who are suffering .

Omie 7 Aug 2010 11:49

Latest from KKH
Just came back from the northern flooded Pakistan. The KKH around Pattan, Besham and Dubair is closed due to landslides and floods. Traffic is moving through Chillas, Babusar, Balakot and Mansehra. Bridges in Burewai and Batakundi were damaged but locals have made temporary bridges good enough for motorcycles and jeeps.
BTW Babusar was always my preferred route because it was shorter (125kms), prettier and cooler.

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