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andyb43 28 Nov 2007 11:18

Is Agonda Beach still open?
Is Agonda Beach still open? I heard that it had been sold and everyone was looking for a new beach for Crimbo?

SpiritualRider 8 Dec 2007 11:40

Hi Andy

Do you mean Agonda beach in Goa? We were there a couple of years ago and there was a big development down the south end – it looked like the kind of place where big tour buses would go.

But it’s a big beach I would fund it hard to believe that the whole beach/village had been sold – even by Indian standards this seems a bit far stretched. That said, it is one the last idyllic beaches in south Goa and no doubt it’s in for a big change in the coming years. There will be lots of people wanting to make some money there for sure.

Anyone there right now?


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