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waynemartin 25 Jan 2010 12:25

Iran & Pakistan ?
Hi All

Am a mature & experienced traveller who would really appreciate your thoughts and experience (positive and negative) re: biking thro and around Iran and Pakistan.
I know the FCO advice on these countries is full of 'NOs' and 'we don't advise', but I'd be grateful for any and all first-hand (recent) advice/info about the situation in these countries especially re: security, threat or trouble as well as the general atmosphere towards westerners there. Any places to be avoided ?
Also, any info on accommodation in Iran/Pakistan, and good, 'safe' routes from Turkey, thro Iran, Pakistan to India would be really welcome.
I thank you all in advance, and wish you happy and safe travels wherever you may be. Cheers.

rossmac 25 Jan 2010 22:01

Iran / Pakistan
I rode solo through India, Pakistan & Iran to the UK in June,July,August 09
India and Iran no problems in fact Iran was one of the highlights of my trip. Very safe and great hospitality highly recommended!!!
Pakistan is a bit different.... you can expect escorts all the way (bit of a pain)
and in some places you will find it hard to get a hotel who will take you as they will have to notify police and they will send security. I found it hard to get a hotel especially in Sukker and Multan. I found Pakistan very restrictive in that I had limited contact with locals. I just rode through (10 days) and didn't linger except in Quetta and Lahore. I experienced some hostility from locals and police but if you stay calm and you are sensible you should be ok. There are dangers but use commonsense (I didn't go out alone at night).
If you want more info re route, hotels etc contact me rossmac@ihug.co.nz

mcgiggle 26 Jan 2010 09:37

In contrast I spent a month in Pakistan, October 09 and had no problems apart from police hassles in Islamabad on the day that Hilary Clinton was there and that was more down to me than them (long story,it's all on my site if you want a more in depth explanation?) No problems with hotels in Sukkur or Multan or anywhere for that matter,escorts yes but not from Multan north up to Sost and back (3000k). The only time I really felt uncomfortable was one night on the edge of the Swat valley, a very tribal area and it was during the local elections so I think it was bad timing, that was the only night in the whole month that I didn't go out of the hotel, my wife also was quite happy wandering around even though she did seem to draw a crowd from time to time, but I suppose Pakistan doesn't see may women with blond dreadlocks riding large capacity motorcycles.
GO, it's a fantastic place to visit.


waynemartin 27 Jan 2010 16:19


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