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Casalinda 4 Jan 2007 15:10

Indonesia to Oz
Hi this is Linda and I have been in Dili about a week getting the bike organised to ship it to Darwin.

There was no problem crossing the border from Indonesia (West Timor) into East Timor. They just wanted to see my bike papers and the passport. Just make sure that you ask for a 30 day visa as they like to give you less for the same money ($30)
In Dili the cheapest place is the Backpackers Hostel( $8) which is on the main strret in and within walking distance of Perkins shipping and A1 Services which is where you can get the bike cleaned.
Allow a couple of days for getting the bike done as you have to dismantle as much as possible to get it really clean for Oz. Thecost depends on the bike and how long it takes. It cost me $80 but could be more. Everything in East Timore is hideously expensive as it is all tied to the American dollar. Make sure you have some before you get to the border and fill the bike in West Timor if you are going to have a look around. East Timor is lovely and worth a bit more touring than I was able to do. Allow time before getting your bike cleaned because you cant use it again afterwards.

The shipping cost for my bike and the luggage was $240. It has to go in a container but doesn't need a crate. They go by measurement. It is a 2 day trip. You will have to fly by Airnorth which is $159 for the economy flight.

Just one other hint when you are coming down through the Indonesian islands. If your bike is more than 500cc it costs 3 times the price on the ferries so say it is a 450, they dont usually check the papers.

Any more questions email me

albert wildgen 5 Jan 2007 06:50

Dilli / Darwin

Many thanks for the useful information.

Can you give me the address of your shipping agent so that I can check if it is also possible to ship a big truck RORO from East Timor to Darwin?

Many thanks in advance

Casalinda 10 Jan 2007 10:18

Dilli to Oz
The shipping Agent is Perkins in Oz

For enquiries email:

phone (+61) 08 89822000

Offices are in Francis Bay Drive Darwin orAvnida Pesidente Nicolau Dilli (near the ANZ Bank)

I am about to go to the Darwin office to recover the bike so will post the whole procedure after that.
Good Luck

motorcycle-pilgrim 18 Jan 2007 11:54

Great Going linda
Great Going Linda.have you reached Oz.:thumbup1:

Keep riding:scooter:

Casalinda 19 Jan 2007 21:52

Indonesia - Oz shipping
I went down to Perkins shipping agent in Darwin to retreive the bike last week. Had to make an appointment to have the customs and quarantine come to check the bike and luggage. All this took a couple of days.
The payment was 43$Aus for Perkins handling charges and $90Aus for the quarantine inspection.
Next step was to ride to the Motor Vehicle Registry . I was able to get 3 months insurance on my German plates by showing the following:
Current Registration papers for Germany
Current German insurance
Driving Licence - I showed my English European one)

this then cost $A145 for 3 months

Compulsory insurance for N.T on a 650cc bike is A$600 per year! In W.A. it is only $A200 so it may be cheaper to ship to Perth insurance wise.

I do have permission to import my bike and will do so after the three months is up but I will have to pay extra fees. Apparantly there is no import duty on motorcycles but there are taxes which are 10% of shipping and handling charges and another fee (I cant remember what for) of $60. All up it is about another 260$Aus so I'm hoping to get a job first to pay for this.

You can ride here on your European licence, you have to be resident to get an Aussie one.

Hope this helps someone.


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