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albert wildgen 7 Aug 2006 17:31

I am planning our next trip to Southern Asia and I am told that one can't enter Indonesia with a foreign registered car. Is this true?

Many thanks in advance

parkie 8 Aug 2006 00:13


I know of several people that have driven their foreign registered landies through Indonesia. Get a carnet...

Lovely country, enjoy :thumbup1:

RalEva 8 Aug 2006 04:18

Dear travellers,

there are differnet rumours, that people have a lot of problems driving their own vehicles there in the last few weeks.
Unfortunatetly we got just a few informations about that.
But remember Chris from Australia, who was stocked with his bike a few days ago, just after he passed the officials from the customs and immigration.
I don't know, what happens to him??
We have informations from another cardriver with a lot of problems.
And the german automobilclub (ADAC) says, that their are big problems now!!!

That's why we will fly from Kuala Lumpr in Malaysia directly to Perth Australia, as soon we get our visas

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