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jpvalois 28 Feb 2004 22:42

India on a Hero Honda 150cc?
Hello there,

I am planning to travel India for 5 months with a friend (each our own bike); I am now in Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu).

I've read a bunch of stuff on the Enfield and would love to go for a 350 Electra, but I wonder, could a 150cc Honda/TVS/Pulsar (or similar small model) do as well?

Considering the mandatory low speed and short distances, is it even thinkable? Or am I certain that the bike will overheat in no time at all?

What in fact should the main consideration be? Maximum bike load? Maximum HP?

Thanks a lot for any help,

Jean-Philippe Valois

beddhist 29 Feb 2004 04:17

You are likely to have less troubel with a Honda than with the Enfield. The latter is last century's technology, built in India with worn-out machinery.

The Enfield might be more fun, though. See whether you can test ride one of each.

I wouldn't think overheating will be a problem, otherwise the locals would have this problem, too.

Salut from Southern France, the bikers' paradise,


Oletimer 2 Mar 2004 06:40

Hi there, I wouldn't panic about overheating problems with your 'small' bike. I have 2 'small' bikes in Hua Hin, Thailand which I use for thrashing around on. The 'BIG' bike is 120cc Suzuki and it goes like the clappers. I've ridden all over Thailand on it, including Hua Hin - Chiang Mai - Kransunaburi (Bridge over the River Kwai) - Bangkok - Pataya - Hua Hin, roughly 3000kms including diversions and all it needed was a new plug! This is not a new bike either, its already done enough miles to warrant retirement! Just go for it mate and enjoy your ride. But don't forget to ride within both YOUR ability and that of your bike, with consideration and TLC any bike will take you anywhere.
Good prep before you go will pay dividends.
Happy travels
Cheers Oletimer

jpvalois 2 Mar 2004 18:00

Hey there!

Thanks for both you replies, they are quite helpful. After shopping around and a few test rides, my friend and I are leaning towards the TVS-Suzuki Fiero F2 or perhaps the Hero Honda CBZ, though the latter seems too sporty.

The Enfield, as fun and "classic" as it may be, has too many downsides: unreliable, low consumption and difficult to resale.

Thanks again,
Jean-Philippe Valois from Trichy (Tiruchilapalli, Tamil Nadu, India)

imadan 3 Mar 2004 11:22

both the bikes u talk about are cool ... with the suzuki being more lively ...
CBZ might look sportier but fireo is actually quicker ....
pick which one u prefer ... both are good ..
I am in delhi and did london delhi in aug 03 on a GSXR ..If u drop by delhi do drop me a line and we will link up ...
if u need any other help in India do mail.

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