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ElExplorador 4 Mar 2011 17:38

Honda Win 110cc for sale in Hanoi!
Includes Helmet, straps, free rain gear if you want.

Great bike (now that I've replaced everything that was broken when _I_ bought it in Saigon. Don't trust a guy named Danh) has made the journey beautifully from Saigon.

Perfect for the ride anywhere. Has the power to handle the steepest hills carrying you and your gear no problem. You see everyone driving these in the mountains in the North for a reason, much more reliable than a Minsk and come on don't even think about riding a scooter across Vietnam.

If you need to learn how to ride I'll be happy to help you out, you'd be amazed how easy it is to learn in a city where the traffic flows around you like water no matter what you do.

Send an email or come by to Hanoi Backpackers to check it out, you'll see the sign on the bike.


rusty max 4 Mar 2011 17:59

Honda bike

within what time period, do you want to sell the bike? Vietnam is on my bucket
list, but I need to know more details. Age, milage, rego, condition, price aso.

Maybe, we can work out something.

Cheers Helgo

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