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Jtw000 6 Jun 2012 08:28

Getting out of Thailand after overstaying on temp import
When I flew in I had a long dicussion with the people at immigration regarding my bike. I explained I wouldn't be leaving in 30 days. I was told that as i have a carnet I can overstay and simply pay a 1000b fine on leaving. I extended my visa, I called the customs office and was told the same thing. I have spoken with customs many times and been told the same thing.
Now I find out I was probably given wrong information. I'm planning to leave, I have my paperwork in order but am being told I might not be allowed to leave.
Can anyone throw any light on this?

OnkelKarle 7 Jun 2012 04:45

Hi Jtw000,
my brother overstayed his bike in Thailand for a couple of days. He payed 100 Bath/day at the customs office at the Chiang Mai Airport. He prolonged then the bike import papers for another 30 days at the same office and left the country into Malaysia without problems.
You might also want to ask at the http://www.rideasia.net forum. They helped us a lot.
Cheers Patrick

Jtw000 10 Jun 2012 11:41

Thanks for the reply. Well, I overstayed more than 6 months and was told I faced imprisonment. Well that's not what happened. I rode straight to the border to try my luck. Nobody knew what they were doing, the boss came out and frowned at me. There was talking and phoning and a hell of a lot of nobody knowing what to do with me. Then, out of the blue, I was free to go. Not even so much as a 1000b overstay fine. Just thanks very much, sorry to keep you, glad we could help. I still wasn't quite sure what was going on and didn't stop till I was well clear of customs. I followed some advice and kept my fool mouth shut and it worked. I got a business visa this time, it's a multi entry so no more messing about getting in and out of Cambodia. No customs this side so i can leave the bike here as long as I like, theoretically.
Unlike everything else in Thailand, that was blissfully easily. All I had to pay was a 20b processing fee.
Shattered now and crashing at the Dugout. No police along the way, no dodgy fees or fines (so far). Got caught in a little rain, nothing bad and once I crossed the weather was spectacular.
I am a happy Jack.
This is a lesson learned. I've been phoning and visiting the customs people and always got different answers. I will never trust these people again, i'll do my own research from now on. This ended very well but so easily could have ended with me in prison and my bike in a little cube.

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