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jimpees 16 Nov 2011 09:54

Classic 125cc MINSK FOR SALE
Firstly, massive apologies to the mod if this isnt supposed to posted here but i cant see a "classifieds" or for sale section? anyways....

FOR SALE: CLASSIC MINSK ! The only way to really travel vietnam in style...

$350 or nearest offer.
This includes the bike (obviously!) recently re-tuned, clutch oil changed 300ks ago.
*Saddle bags you see on the picture.
*helmet (high quality)
* spare parts including: 2 spare inner tubes, pump, spark plugs, clutch/accelerator cables, electrical parts.
*Full tool kit, screw drivers, spark plug changer, adjustable spanner (wrench)
*water proofs, jacket and trousers.
Ive rode her from Hanoi to nha trang with very little problems. Had the carburettor looked at once as had dirt blocking the fuel flow, total cost of repair = $3.
Other than that shes a great bike, comfortably does the hills with luggage plus passenger. I purchased off the famous Mr Cheung in Hanoi who is the “master” of the Minsk restoration scene and assured me this was a good bike.
Test riders welcome! I Will be in Saigon staying in backpacker area from 20th Nov 2011, you can email me at touringjames@gmail.com or phone me on: 012038 06892 (local viet mobile number). Thanks, James.

ps - can email loads a pics if requested.

mountainman77 11 Dec 2011 15:39

If you still have it in a few weeks...
Hey I just saw your post, don't know if you sold it allready, or how long you'll be in Vietnam. I'm finishing up a motorcycle tour of Europe over the next month, and should be flying to Bangkok to start my SE Asia tour the first week of January. I was was planning on trying to start in Vietnam, then do Laos, Cambodia and over to Thailand. I've heard it's impossible to get into Vietnam with a bike, but not too hard to get out (any advice on this or a good route?) Anyway, I will need to buy a bike when I get there, so if you still have yours in a few weeks, let me know. It sounds like just what I need.


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