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Goetz 3 Aug 2004 21:39

China is open
we crossed the border between Sary Tash, Kyrgystan, and Kashgar, China, 4 days ago.
The border is Irkeshtam.
The only thing we needed was a 30 day tourist visa and an international driving licence.
No chinese guide, nor chinese driving licence nor chinese number plates.
Border is officially open since may 22 2004.
That's what one border guy (the only one speaking english) told us.

We were TOLD to spread the message:
Welcome to China!

Goetz & Karen

ïóòü = öåëü

simmo 4 Aug 2004 07:42

Thats excellent Goetz.

scottw 4 Aug 2004 10:04

Goetz, thanks for posting this. It is VERY interesting. Can others confirm this, to make sure it is not just a mistake by the border guards in Kashgar?

Butch in Shanghai, are you out there? Have you heard anything about this? If it's true then it is very big news. I'd love to ride from here (Ulaanbaatar) to Beijing.


Grant Johnson 5 Aug 2004 03:37

See http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb...ML/000191.html for Norbert Berentz's story on travelling through China - 4 months, no problems.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

TBR-China 5 Aug 2004 10:22


to my knowledge no changes regarding travelling in China with bikes/cars coming from other countries.
Harley Owners Group Hong-Kong is just preparing two rides in Mainland China again and will cost them dearly once again after all the paperwork is completed and those police escorts.

you still need a guide / temporary plates / temporary driving license. they do not recognise international / foreign driving license in China.

there are some incidents were lucky people came across the border into China and cruised around without hassles. there is always the danger of getting the bike confiscated or end up with more seriuos troubles with the PSB/Police.

we crossed from China into Mongolia Russia by truck & boat (bikes on boat) as well a couple of years ago by paying borderguards but would not do this again.......

Scott, send me an e-mail, like to ask you something, shanghai_bikers @ yahoo.com

best regards, seeya in the pub or on the road somewhere......

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Goetz 6 Aug 2004 14:49

Hi Scott
no confirmation.
The border guy told us, we were the very first to cross this border with motorcycle the last four years.
The most interesting question at that border was: what authorizes you to go around worldwide with a motorcycle?
We answered: we are interested in other cultures and we got an international driving licence. He could read english, so we got through.

Someone else out there has to give it a try

Karen + Goetz

ïóòü = öåëü

TBR-China 6 Aug 2004 21:06


watch out at the other end..leaving China with bikes! good luck and if you ever make it to Shanghai, send e-mail shanghai_bikers @ yahoo.com (put the e-mail address together).

best regards, seeya in the pub or on the road somewhere...

simmo 7 Aug 2004 19:47

Last year Mark M from Utrecht tried to cross at the Tourgart Pass from Kygystan to China on his DR800. He had a tourist visa only and was sent back into Kyrgystan. it would be great if it was open as the possibility to ride from Thailand to Europe Via Vietnam, China and Mongolia is appealing.


Goetz 8 Aug 2004 01:13

well we tried to leave China today. Unfortunately we gotta be back in Berlin 01.10.04 But no exit via Torugart Pass. First the border is closed during the weekend and second:
You need an EXIT permit if you go via torugart. First time I need an exit permit. Seems to be a special place.
We try to get the permit in Kashgar thru a travel agency. Tell U how it worked

Karen + Goetz

Goetz 11 Aug 2004 21:13

we got out of China, but we had to pay about 165 U$ for 2 people just to get the permit, a driver and a guide to go over the Torugart Pass from China to Kyrgystan. Without a guide they will stop you 85 km before the border.
Actually you're supposed to get a kyrgys party as well to pick you up at the border (another 100 U$) but we could at least skip that. Asking the kyrgyz borderguys they told us we don't need another escort. So we went without them.
Back to Bishkek again

Karen + Goetz

ïóòü = öåëü

baswacky 12 Aug 2004 02:41

According to my copy of Lonely Planet's Central Asia (2000) Torugart Pass is listed as "Asia's most unpredictable border posts, with reliable information scarce, many decisions taken seemingly at random, and unexpected closures by both sides". I wonder if it would have been easier (cheaper?) to leave by another crossing point? Hopefully I might out for myself in a couple of years.

davidmc 12 Aug 2004 03:16

Karen & Goetz or anyone else:

What are your thoughts on being able to enter China via Kyrgystan and continuing to Pakistan at the top of the Karakoram Highway? If this area of China is still accessible in another year this could be a desirable way to cross Asia versus the southern route through southern Iran & Pakistan. Is this a feasible route? I will be doing this trip in another year.


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simmo 12 Aug 2004 08:02

Dave, a belgian couple did Kygystan, kashgar Pakistan last year but with the guide and $$. It would be a great way to go as it is spectactular in Kygystan and along the KKH.

Goetz 14 Aug 2004 14:36

well going the KKH is feaseble from Kashgar. We rode down to Tashkurgan where we were stopped 120 before the border. Without a Pakistan Visum no way to cross that point. Sensitive border area. With Paki visum you can go ahead, no permits needed.
Whilst waiting for things to happen at the torugart border we had a chat with our guide concerning the borders around Kashgar.
Torugart is rated 2nd class (chinese / kyrgyz only). Therefore you need a special permit.
The Kulan Pass from Tajikistan NW of Tashkurgan is 1st class, Irkeshtam and the road from Urumqi to Kasakstan as well.
Khunjerab is also international.

BUT: EVERYONE in Kashgar who had to do with traveling told us, we were just lucky to get into China without nearly everything.
I would not count on it crossing into China like us.

Karen + Goetz

ïóòü = öåëü

parkie 16 Aug 2004 09:52

We met a Czech Aussie biker in Vientiane travelling on a KLR650. He had a Chinese visa already and rocked up to the Chinese border and they let him through - no probs!
Check out www.travelledaround.com for more info.

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