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Osama Radzi 26 Nov 2007 09:15

Chiang Mai mini HU meet
Hello everyone:mchappy:

Im planning a trip to the HU mini meet in Chiang Mai from Kuala Lumpur and back! & Also a 2-3 days stop in Bangkok. The problem is I only have 7-10 days of leave!!:( ( I've done it before on a slower pace)

Is this possible?:confused1: Im comfortable of doing 110-130kmh with cargo....
but since the bike is still in the running in process, looks like I have to stick to 80kmh :funmeterno: untill I clocked 1000kms which is just before reaching BKK, maybe somewhere Hua Hin, (still havent done my homework yet)

Maybe I should just ride all the way to Hat Yai, then take train to BKK, stay there for 2days, then take the train again to Chiang Mai. Only ride the bike on my way back home.....


Ride safe/save

JoeSheffer 26 Nov 2007 11:10

There are two schools of thought on engine break in. I'm of the opinion that ragging the bike for the first 1000km is a better idea than taking it easy. Read up on it on google.

brettsyoung 26 Nov 2007 22:42

There's no doubt it's possible, but it might be a bit dangerous to push it all that way. The south especially can be dangerous - mostly the mad bus and truck drivers - so the train sounds like a good idea. The road from KL to the border is fine, and you can cruise at any speed. I guess the paperwork will be simpler to get on the train at Hat Yai, rather than get on at Georgetown and deal with crossing the border on the train. I can't remember the name of the town for the southern border crossing (train and car) but it's a piece of cake. I've done the BKK-Chiang Mai ride a few times in a day and it's relatively straightforward. But it's a bloody long way. The train for at least one leg sounds like a good idea. Sounds like your plan is a good one.

That said, if the mini-meet means maxi beverage consumption you might appreciate the train home rather than ride home.

cheers, Brett

Osama Radzi 27 Nov 2007 04:04

many thanks
Thanks Joe for the info's I will google soon. I actually am looking for a short-cut if theres any!

And Brett, thanks also for the advice, like you said I prefer entering Thailand then board the the train its less hassle/paperwork & Thai train are a lot cheaper!!:thumbup1: The town for train border crossing is Padang Besar direct translate will mean Big Field.


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Osama Radzi 28 Nov 2007 03:27

BKK- Chiang Mai

Brett you mentioned that you've done BKK-Chiang Mai in 1 day, right? But Its very far.... How far is far? I still couldnt find my old map. From KL-BKK its 1500km, Frm BKK- Chiang Mai? If Im not mistaken its something like 500-700kms right?:confused1:

I remember taking train frm BKK around 15.00hrs & reached CMai around 07.30hrs. On the way back I took a 4WD all the way to Malaysia but we did a lot of stops, Nakhon Sawan, Phuket, Krabi, Trang, Hat Yai, Penang, Ipoh, etc, cant remember how long it took! Dont have to worry coz a theres always some else driving when youre sleepy/tired. Done a lot of KL-BKK-KL, but mostly on 4WD. Never on a bike, & I really want to ride especially on the Isthmus of Kra "the sexiest part of Asia continet!"

I was working in a school at that time, & it was spring break, so dont have to worry about leave, theres always lots of holiday!:thumbup1: but the pay was peanuts!:thumbdown: Now its difficult:funmeterno:, but the pay is good!

Which south part is it that I have to be carefull with mad drivers? :nono:

Ride Safe/Save/Sober

I dont drink, so I wont be hammered after the meet:cool4:

brettsyoung 29 Nov 2007 03:45

BKK-CM is only 700 or 800 kms but it used to take me about 12 hours with rest breaks. The main hwy in the south is better now it is dual carriageway but the doped up bus and truck drivers are truly scary. There is a lot of racing and swerving, and most accidents I've seen are single-vehicle crashes into the culvert or tail-enders. There is very little peripheral-watchfulness (for want of a better term) and the high-speed swerving in and out of the slow lane can be bloody terrifying. Don't forget bikes are assumed to be off the road and riding along the shoulder in the countryside, and there is absolutely no notice taken of you or right of way given to you. But it's still hell fun!


Franki 3 Dec 2007 06:36

BKK-CNX is about 10 hours on a big bike. Mostly streight roads, 4 lane "highway".

When do you plan to be in Chiangmai? I will be there between Dec. 6-13.

Osama Radzi 3 Dec 2007 07:11

should be there on the 19...

I've got a meeting on the same day which the 18,19,20.
if CM its not that "far", maybe I'll leave on the 18 or even 19 morning.... maybe.... not fix yet. then ride slowly back all the frm CM to KL.

looks like you already left:(

Ride safe/save/sober

Franki 3 Dec 2007 18:11


Originally Posted by Osama Radzi (Post 161754)

I've got a meeting on the same day which the 18,19,20.
if CM its not that "far", maybe I'll leave on the 18 or even 19 morning.... maybe.... not fix yet. then ride slowly back all the frm CM to KL.

looks like you already left:(

Ride safe/save/sober

Looks like we will miss each other. Have a good trip. You will find the roads north of Chiangmai very interesting.

If I ever come to Malaysia, I will let you know.

Sun Chaser 4 Dec 2007 00:10

Train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai
Here are a couple of "tips" re; the train from Bangkok to Chaing Mai.
1) Show up 1-2 hours ahead of time at the train station. You will have to pay some small $ for helpers (two to 6 depending on what size bike you are riding) to help you lift the front wheel, then the rear wheel "up" from the train platform to the doorway of the cargo/luggage car, then hoist it in.
2) Bring your own rope of straps to tie it up against the wall. The helpers will hunt you up some heavy string, and charge you a small feel, but they are used to dealing with 100-125-cc step through bikes, not monster touring models. You can go in the car and help tie it up against the wall. Luggage will be stacked around and up top of your bike depending how much cargo they have.
3) Take off the mirrors and valuables, like don'tleave you camera in your tankebag.
4) Book yourself a lower berth sleeper, in an air con car. You can store more gear under the lower seat then the top one. I think my ticket last year was 800 TB for me.
5) The price for the bike will be based on engine size. They did not weight the last one I head of, based the price on cc's.
6) The train is a night train, leaving about 6 pm and arriving in Chiang Mai about 6 AM. It's slow, makes a couple of stops, but not long enough to get off and buy drink or food. Load up on that at the Bangkok station. They sell a basic breakfast on the train at about an hour outside Chaing Mai.
7) On the sleeper, air con, a steward will come through about 9:00 PM and fold down the beds, plut fresh sheets on it and give you a clean covered pillow and blanket. Sheos/boots go on the floor.
8) Travel agents around town often do not want to sell you a ticket for the train because they can't do it over the net, the tickets have to be purchased at the train station. Some agents will take your money, tell you to come back later, then pay a motorbike taxi to run over to the station, buy the ticket and return.
9) To ship your bike by train you have to show them your personal ticket first.
10) In Chaing Mai you will have to pay helpers again to help unload your bike, drop it off the enclosed cargo car and one meter. Small money, but a hassle at 6:30 AM.
11) They wanted all gas drained and battery disconnected reported once. Leave 1 liter in, tell them it's empty, or keep 1 liter in a plastic container in your saddlebag/pannier. there is no gas at the Chaing Mai station, but a petrol station is 2-3 kilometers of the left as you ride into the city from the train station.
12) The train is not a bad choice. You will not have to pay for a room for the nicht, and you can avoid all the traffic going out of Bangkok. Remember, bikes, any size are not allowed on the elevated highway that leads out of town, and not in the lanes underneath the elevated highway, but only in the lanes alongside the super highway. It's stop and go, usually takes an hour to get out of bangkok, unless very early in the morning. Once on the train you can kick back, read a book, and snooze through the night, and avoid a pretty ugly ride. The road out of bangkok to Chaing Mai is not "bad", just congested and a hassle. The train takes longer, byt at 30-34 baht per liter, eating, and a room make it a pretty inexpensive compared to riding the road.
See you at the Mini Meeting in Chaing Mai.

Osama Radzi 4 Dec 2007 04:49

Tubeless Spoke Rims
Thank you all!

Yeah Franki, gimme a shout if you happend to be in KL...

And Doc, thanx for your infos/advice. I've travelled from Hat Yai-Chiang Mai by train before.... But was backpacking/4WD... Not with bike.
At least Ive got some rough idea...:thumbup1: How much they charge for you bike? Im rididng an old 650 Dommie!

And those of you reading my thread any advice on tube tyres:confused1:
Im a bit concern.... :thumbdown: Im not "good" in fixing tyres....:helpsmilie:

I met a mechanic that uses some kind of silicone (secret formula) to fill all the holes in a normal spoke rims! As a results =
He's a traveller too, & have done many miles on his DR800 with no nightmare...he's asking for $100 for the modfication...

Im just not convinced yet. Any Ideas/suggestion/oppinion?

Hope to see you too:clap:

beddhist 12 Dec 2007 13:42

Try this mod if you have a death wish. TL rims have a hump on either side on the inside to prevent the tyre from slipping into the bed under stress, like riding through a pothole.

TT rims don't normally have this hump, so you shouldn't run tyres without tubes on them.

Osama Radzi 17 Dec 2007 01:32

Well, if thats the case I should then learn how to fix a flat. (I know how to fix it its just that taking the rear tube is really a pain in :censored:)

Another problem is my Bangkok meeting date has been change to the 2,3,4 of February. The HU meeting is on 19th of January. If I attend both meet, I will have to take a real long leave which I dont have:thumbdown:

Looks like Im gonna have to skip the Hu meet!:(

Franki 18 Dec 2007 09:54

Got back from the northern Thailand run on a friend's AT. Good to see the same old places and some new ones. This time we managed to crossover to Miyanmar from Mae Sai. It was not possible to do that previously. I was told there is a road block by soldiers just outside the border town to stop tourists getting out. Sure there is one and I waved at the soldiers as I approached and they waved back, so I didn't stop. Spent 2 hours exploring the countryside of Miyanmar and had to rush back to Mae Sai. A been there, done that thing just for laughs.

Osama Radzi 19 Dec 2007 03:06

at least....
Yeah! at least you get to ride in Myanmar. :thumbup1:

I was there once but only the border town. did some shopping at the bazaar, it was Tha Chi Liek, Im pretty sure its the same border...

Still busy prepping my finance for the BKK trip:cool4:

Ride Safe/Save/Sober

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