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censored 14 Oct 2012 16:49

CARNET ATA. SE Asia moto trip from the Philippines.
Hi everyone!

Did anyone have overseas mototrip expirience from the Philippines?
I want to travel on motorbike from the Philippines to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam.
To enter some of these countries the Carnet ATA is required. I heard that the Philippines is non-carnet country.

Can I make Carnet ATA for my motorbike in the Philippines to travel and cross the borders (by land, by sea) in Southern-East Asia countries?
Could you give me advice for this situation?

Thank you for your assistance.

Andiflip 9 Nov 2012 20:23

I don't know where you are from but if you are shipping your bike out of the Philippines you don't need a carnet, only for the country's you plan to visit on your bike.. the problem is getting your bike back into the Philippines where they will try and most probably force you to pay import duty even if your bike came out of the Philippines..I know people who have done it but they had a lot of "stroke with people in high places who managed to get things set up for their return with customs..

chris 9 Nov 2012 20:46

Hi Censored
Not sure where you're from but if you're a Brit you won't get a ATA Carnet for your bike anyway...

The London Chamber of Commerce that issues British ATA Carnets says:

A carnet may not be used for:
  • goods to be sold or hired out abroad for financial gain
  • perishable or consumable items (as they would not normally be re-exported)
  • goods which are temporarily exported for processing or repair
  • goods on which a CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) refund will be claimed
  • goods used as a means of transport
  • the exportation of unaccompanied goods, or by post
  • foreign goods temporarily imported into the E.C.under a Customs Temporary Concession
  • equipment to be used for the construction, repair or maintenance of buildings or for earthmoving and like projects

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