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andrewmclagan 19 Jul 2008 10:50

Buy a bike in Cambodia or Thailand?
Hi all.

just need your opinions on where it is better to purchase a bike from either Cambodia or Thailand? I'm after anything 250+ trail. I hear most sold in Thailand are without papers and this makes it hard to cross borders.

also i was planning on selling it in Thailand after doing SE Asia and then flying to Nepal to buy another bike. Are 250cc+ trail bikes easy to get ahold of there? and are they priced ok? any information would be great

if anyone knows some locations in any of these coutries to buy? or stories?



jimmy46 19 Jul 2008 15:08

Buying a bike in Cambodia
HI, There are quite a few bike shops in Phnom Penh, you could try Flying Bikes, The Bike shop , Lucky Lucky or new Lucky Lucky. I would have suggested asking in California 2 but Jim has closed and is looking for new premises. His web site is still up with lots of useful info and links.I bought an unregistered bike in Thailand XR250 7000km mint and found it impossible to cross borders, I resorted to buying a $20 " Lucky Lucky" Cambodian registration card and number plate and putting it on the bike, had no problem then crossing into Lao and Thailand. I sold the bike in Canbodia to a rental shop on street 46...The markets not very liquid selling a bike can be a slow process, you can hire for 10$ a day in Cambodia and Lao and a little more in Thailand so unless you are planning a long stay it might be easier..and as cheap..

Regards Jimmy

beddhist 20 Jul 2008 06:13

We are also in the process of buying a similar bike here in Thailand. Used 250 trailies go for around 50-70000B unregistered (can't leave the country). Add about 50000 for a registered bike.

Check out GT-Rider.com for more info.

Best places to rent or buy seem to be Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and a few other tourist centres. Hardly anything for rent in Bkk.

Kawa want to start selling KLX250 with fuel injection new for about 170,000B, maybe in September (I think that more or less includes rego) and yesterday the owner of Joe's Bike Team in Chiang Mai told me over the phone that he was told Honda will bring in an XR250 for about 20,000B more. Maybe at the end of the year, but who knows.

Bigger trail bikes are very rare and so much more expensive. I've seen only Honda Africa Twins and BMW 650GS for sale.

There are buy and sell forums on GTR and thaivisa.com.

For Cambodia I have found Khmer440.com forums.

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