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Bjorn 24 Nov 2008 13:35

Bangkok Airport Customs - any tips & pointers?

I'm going to ship from Kathmandu to Bangkok in about 1 week. My agent in Kathmandu (Eagle Eyes) told me all I need to do is use the carnet when I enter Nepal. Everything else is straight-forward apparently.

What about the Bangkok side of things? Is there anything I need to be careful with the paperwork in Nepal, so not to get charged import tax?

I'll probably be on a different airplane than the bike. Got the carnet & V5 and all that, but heard rumours about import taxes!?
I don't have a 'real visa' but will get a 1-month allowance to stay (or something like that) on arrival in Bangkok.

Also: Does anyone know a good tyre-shop in BKK? Are brand tyres available there?


pecha72 24 Nov 2008 14:24

ThereĀ“s a free shuttle bus from the main passenger terminal (lowest floor) to the cargo area, where you need to get the release order, and then go to the customs. We had a thai-speaking person helping us out, which helped a lot, but I seem to remember there are english signs, too... not 100% sure about this, though.

You dont need carnet for Thailand, and I was adviced not to even show it. Instead, you should get a T2 temporary import permit paper, which states the vehicle can remain for 30 days, or else you pay a large sack of bath... I hear this can be extended, but havent tried myself. Means you should not need to pay any import taxes, when you do this, only some airport handling costs.

Bjorn 25 Nov 2008 09:19

Sounds good & straightforward - Thanks for the info!

maximondo 28 Nov 2008 00:55

Once you get to the Cargo area, make sure you get a pass that the front desk to allow you to enter into the security area. This will cost you a small amount. You then head over the security gates and declare your camera / iPod. You then go to an office and pay for the storage fee from there you go from office to office collecting what you need. There are plenty of people around if you want to pay someone to do all this for you.

There should be no hassles. They stamped my passport with a huge stamp making sure I leave the country with my motorbike within a month. When I left Thailand I had to make them fill the forms in to confirm I was leaving with the bike - as they didn't really care.

good luck and have fun!

dogito66 29 Nov 2008 09:28

tyres in bangkok
you can get michelin, bridgestone and dunlop tyres in bangkok, any size and any type.
try to contact pairoj thanundonsuk mobile: 089 1115962 or email: toger05 [[AATT]] yahoo [DDoTT] com.
I bought 2 sets of michelin sirac and some bridgestones trailwing in his shop recently.
good luck at the airport...:oops2:


Bjorn 30 Nov 2008 13:16

Bangkok Airport closed
Looks like I might have a problem: I'm in Nepal right now, visa expires on the 12th of December. I was hoping to ship to Bangkok on the 8th but the demonstrations in Bangkok Airport put a stop to that.

Does anyone know of an alternative route to ship to Malaysia or via Singapore? Thing is: I need to get to Pukhet to meet my family... and would very much appreciate to get there by bike...

pecha72 30 Nov 2008 14:53

Try shipping to Kuala Lumpur, thats about the same direction from Phuket as Bangkok is, and the road is fast. I know you can do it from Chennai, hopefully you can also from Kathmandu, but you got to ask the cargo agents about that.

Bjorn 2 Dec 2008 15:36

Nope - no shipping to Kuala Lumpur I'm afraid. Only Thai Airways from Kathmandu, But the airport is open again as of tomorrow (apparently), so I'll hope for the best.


MotoDesperado 5 Feb 2009 15:26

Quick Question
Sorry to disturb here!
@maximondo, you wrote something about leaving the bike in Thailand. I need to do that for more than 30 days. So I guess I need an extension of the "white paper". Can you send some more Information about the process of leaving without the bike! thanks a lot!


dogito66 5 Feb 2009 16:13

bike papers extension
you can either extend your "white paper" every 1 month or use the carnet in thailand. you could also ask for a 6 months permit for the bike, I got it once in betong on the malaysian border.
good luck

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