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flashy_bmw 4 Jan 2008 16:06

All China Tour
Does anyone know if any "foreigner" has ever been able to sucessfully tour all of China? By all of china I mean getting to all major provinces in one shot.

Any information will be greatly appreciated


Still on the road

Franki 4 Jan 2008 16:18

Not that I know of. Its a big country.

heavens angel 4 Jan 2008 18:42


Check out World By Bike They did a big stretch of China.
I am planning to travel from Pakistan along the KKH into China via Kashi across to Beijing or Shanghai in June/July 08.
I have been quoted the following:

All entry/exit paperwork 4500 euros
Guide costs (for approx 2 weeks) 1500 euros
Car hire costs for the guide 3600 Euros

Kind of put a halt to my plans, unless there are others wanting to share the costs? Almost makes you want to drive up to the border and try your luck!!

Hope this helps...

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