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pitblama 12 Sep 2007 00:20

where should i start my trip/buy motorbike in november caracas/rio or buenos aires
hi guys
im flying to south america in the beggining of november
my plan is to travel :rio-argentina-bolivia-peru-ecuador-columbia-venesuela
or opposite way-start in caracas and finish in rio
1)which direction would You recommend considering :
the weather,
and price when buying the motorbike?

as far as i found the best option for buying a bike is buenos aires
so i could land in rio then travel to buenos and buy a bike there

thanks a lot for the advices

fward 13 Sep 2007 03:49

where to start
hey piotr
welcome to the hubb - first off I would check out the feasibility of buying a bike in Argentina - before i left for south america to buy a bike I could never get this one resolved.
There is something about foreigners who buy motorised transport in Argentina having to reside in the country for one year before being allowed to leave the country with it (ie other S. American countries) I met a guy 5 months ago in argentina who spent 30000 on a new landrover defender and was turned back the first time he tried to leave , hes currently doing loops of argentina! But I have heard second hand information that guys have bought bikes and left no problem - so maybe there is a way/a paper you can get - research this and most importantly research the time involved to get all these papers. I bought in Chile as through the hubb community in Santiago and one of its amazing members Roberto Thomson, I had all paperwork in a couple of weeks. Chile is noted for this expediency but the bikes are expensive. Check out the timeframes for other countries - contact the communities direct. It would be much easier if you could get help in the country from someone who knows the score.

As far as good cheap bikes go from what Ive gathered peru is the place and its possible to get the papers there - but then again it depends on what you´re after - what bike?

I found brazil mad expensive and can only imagine the bikes are too but I may be wrong ..

hope this gets the ball rolling for you anyway

good luck


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